Yes, and back again


If you want a signed and personalized copy of Dragon in Exile by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, you’re about out of time.  May 1, 2015that’s next Friday! — is the deadline for ordering your very own personalized copy of the first Baen hardcover printing.

Here’s your link to pre-order personalized and/or signed copies of Dragon in Exile from Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore


Tomorrow, we’re heading south to inspect houses. There are six on the list, which seems like a very full day to me.  On the other hand, the Southern Prospect is two hours/115 miles from the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory, so it’s not like we can slide down there every time a house looks interesting.

At this point in the proceedings, most of the Imagination Work is falling to Steve.  I’m exhausted with Imagining, and the realities of knowing how impossible it is for a couple of indigent scifi writers to buy a house are weighing on me like rocks in my pockets, pinning me down on the road to Fairyland.

Now, you might think that Imagination has nothing at all to do with shifting houses.  It may seem to you to be a straightforward matter of budgets and cash flow and other practical things, and in general, I’m guessing, you would be right.  However, if we were ruled by budgets and cash flows and other practical matters, we would have chosen to be actuaries, or gone into sales, or stuck with writing ad copy for a living.  Everything we have ever done in our entire lives together have been Epic and Foolhardy Acts of Imagination, from marrying our libraries and our cats together, to moving to Maine, to making a career as writers, to, indeed, purchasing, and keeping, the house we now live in.


For today, what Imagination I have will be focused on Alliance of Equals, which Steve read yesterday (insofar as it exists, which is not quite, perhaps, the penultimate draft).  The backbrain has graciously forked over with four scenes and a possible wrap-up.  By such small steps do we proceed until one morning we wake up and there’s nothing left to do.

What’re y’all doing that’s fun this weekend?


Oops. Forgot.

Today’s blog title brought to you by:

How many miles to Babylon?
Three score and ten.
Can I get there by candle-light?
Yes, and back again.
If your heels are nimble and light,
You may get there by candle-light.



6 thoughts on “Yes, and back again”

  1. I had a book as a girl called “Can I Get There By Candlelight.”. Candlelight was a horse that let the girl go back in time. I liked it. I should see if it is available on Kindle.

    Good luck with house hunting. It is exhausting. After about the 3rd house, they start all running together for me. Hope you find the perfect house for less than your budget.

  2. How far South are you considering? Southern Maine, perhaps. On house moving and buying, I’ve done that 3 times. It does not get better unfortunately, so hope your pain is minimal, your price below expectation and your new home, a dream.

  3. We are visiting cats. So far, the cats that have been presented to us as Dog Friendly are merely Dog Tolerant. They don’t mind sharing the space with dogs but they don’t interact with them. One sweet girl fled in terror when Cami flopped to the ground and swished her tail in an invitation to a rousing game of Catch the Tail. I don’t think Ryker’s dedication to cleaning cat ears would have gone over well. We may have to refocus on kittens that the dogs can raise to meet their standard of cat behavior.

  4. We are digging out from under a month long siege of super-bad bronchitis, which also required many postponements of previously spread out medical tasks, thus leaving next week as a forest of oncologists, endocrinologists, polysomnograms and cardiologists. We got started today, with the placement of two crowns and four fillings, equally divided between us. The senior cat’s post-pneumonia check up also got delayed, so I have to squeeze that in somewhere next week, also.

    Good luck with the house hunting!

  5. There was a YA fantasy that prominently featured the miles-to-babylon saying. I remember being fascinated by it.

    Thanks for the memory and the lovely shot of Madame Scrabble.

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