Just the FAQs

People of the Internets, I need your help!

Korval.com has lost its FAQ.  We think it may have run off with the Highlander FAQ, but — whatever.

The problem before us, obviously, is producing another FAQ – which is where you come in!

What questions are Frequently Asked regarding the Liaden Universe®?  What questions would you like to see addressed?  What questions would be helpful to people trying to decide if this universe is worth their reading time?

All suggestions welcome!

2 thoughts on “Just the FAQs”

  1. Have you checked with the wayback machine?


    If the FAQ was indexed by it, then all is not lost! I see that there are two recent indexes for Korval.com – one on the 16th, and the other on the 24th of March. Not sure where the FAQ was stored, but there are indexes of the site going back to 1998, so at least a partial retrieval of the FAQ should be doable.

  2. I would guess the biggest questions you would have would be regarding reading order. I know some people prefer to read in chronological order, while some prefer to read in publication order. I could also see people wondering about the Korval family tree. Its something at times I get confused on, and I have reread the books numerous times. I would also like to know where I can purchase one of Edgers knives. They just dont make good crystal knives here on Earth.

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