In which the rain in Maine falls mostly on the snow

So yesterday Steve had a doctor’s appointment, after which we achieved K(entucky) F(ried) C(hicken) for a take home lunch (hot grease and salt still do the trick, and that’s the second KFC meal in four months.  Given that KFC is the Ultimate Comfort Food, and reserved for times of stress, we’ll hope that the next is a long time in the future).

After lunch, Steve hit the mattress.  I finished getting the InfoDump in order, then sacked out on the couch, where Trooper joined me.  May I just say?  Trooper gives excellent nap.

Once we were all awake again, we reviewed one of our favorite documentary films, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, before supper, read aloud a chapter of Chanur’s Legacy, and so to bed.

A strenuous day.

Today, there is checkbook wrangling, and writing, and laundry on the schedule.

Also, watching the rain disappear the snow:

Trooper and Sprite watching the snow melt
Trooper and Sprite watching the snow melt

I hope everyone has an excellent Friday.


2 thoughts on “In which the rain in Maine falls mostly on the snow”

  1. Are you sure they are not CAUSING the snow to melt with their snow-melting Cat Stare?

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