I study nuclear science, I love my classes

So, yesterday.  We visited the Radiology Department, and now await news.  I’m going on the theory that bad news will arrive more quickly than good news.  According to the tech, news of all and any denomination ought to be with me no later than Thursday afternoon.

After the hospital, we took a ride out into the country.  I’m pleased to report that Newport is precisely where we left it last autumn, and that the causeway over Plymouth Pond remains above water, but only barely.  Also, the ustabe campground on the Newport side of the causeway, which was in later days purchased to be developed into private pond-side “condos” — is for sale.  It is, of course, out in the middle of Nowhere Much, but it does have Location.

We returned home to find the contract for Liaden Mask novels 1 and 2 in the mail (Note to self:  read contract today); a phone call from our real estate agent, telling us that she had people who wanted to look at our house on Wednesday afternoon; and an email from Madame the Agent regarding the Players List for Alliance of Equals, organization thereof, which has a lot of good stuff in it, that I need to look at more closely.

Yesterday evening, Steve went to the chess club and I proofed some of the stories included in A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 3.  Also, we had a wind storm.  The wind is somewhat diminished this sunny morning, and we hope to see it vanished entirely before too many more hours have passed.

Today’s tasks are writing, naturally, and straightening up the house in expectation of Viewers.  I must say that some of the houses that we viewed on the weekend were…astonishing in the number of cellphones, mp3 players, and iThings simply left sitting out.  In one house, the owner may well have gone out the back door as we came in the front; the computer was on, eyeglasses on a pile of businessy looking papers next to the keyboard, and the cellphone charging on the kitchen counter.  We try to be. . .a little more advertent than that.

For those who were able to donate or to send a kind word to Cheyenne Wright and his family, Cheyenne has posted an update.  Here’s your link.

Speaking of which — I want to again thank everyone who donated to us via Patreon, Splinter Universe, PayPal, or check.  We very much appreciate your care, and your support of our work.



Today’s blog title brought to you by Timbuk3, “The Future’s So Bright”

2 thoughts on “I study nuclear science, I love my classes”

  1. I know precisely what you mean about the bad news coming quickly. It’s been a few days since I had a similar visit, and I’m starting to relax now because nobody has called yet to inform me otherwise!

    We should be seeing “Chimera” shortly, shouldn’t we, with May just around the corner?… It is tempting to speculate about that title, and about certain characters to whom it could, theoretically, refer–but one must recruit oneself to patience.

  2. No phone call yesterday! We may get out of this lightly. Fingers crossed for us both.

    In theory, Baen updates the short stories on the front page on the 15th of the month. It seems to me that Mr. Spoor’s story, which is presently on display, went up a few days after April 15, so the schedule may have slipped a bit. But — “Chimera” ought to be coming along realsoonnow, yes.

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