Monday, Monday; so good to me

So, it was a writing and packing weekend, here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.  We have not sold the house; the packing involved getting a Bunch of Old Stuff out of the file cabinets and into boxes, which will hopefully and eventually wander off to an archive.  If not, they’ll be dumped, because I’m not moving this stuff; it’s of no further use to us, and! if we do eventually move, my ideal is to have a writing space that is not only phone-free, but has the bare minimum of file cabinets.  By which I mean one.

So, that.

In related news, besides generating some of my own, I have answered All the Emails.  If you were expecting an reply from me and don’t have anything in your inbox, now is the time to resend.

Over the weekend, our accountant called us with the news that we owed the various governmental agencies taxes, which was surely no surprise.  The surprise was how much money in taxes we owed.  Ow.  And sigh.  Just when I start thinking that taking 33% off the top of each and every check we receive really is overkill. . .the method is vindicated.

It’s a bright and very cold day here in Central Maine.  The icicles are leaping off of the roof.  I intend to stay in, with the internet turned off, and get some work done.

Hope everybody’s having a lovely Monday.

3 thoughts on “Monday, Monday; so good to me”

  1. . . .or there may be other Circumstances. We are self-employed full-time. It seems to me that we paid more, back when we had day-jobs and writing income. Check with an accountant. Actually, if you have freelance income of any kind, it’s my advice to hire an accountant.

    (Also, when we were living in Maryland, we paid state income tax, and county income tax, which, at that time equaled 50% of your state income tax. Maine doesn’t have the county tax.)

    Also, for this year, for us, it is well to recall that we paid 33% of our income in “regular” Federal and State taxes plus an additional $12,000, to “pay back” the ACA tax credits. Which you can either look at as another X% of tax, or that we paid, retroactively, about $1400/month for health insurance.

  2. I do have an accountant. He’s been invaluable. I value do-it-yourselfing, and I did my own taxes for years. But I gained so much peace of mind after I started using an accountant.

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