We picked up Mozart’s ashes today.

Then, we went for a ride.  Not a long ride; only to Augusta.  We walked around Lowe’s and did our bit for morale by asking a passing Lowe-worker where the roof-rakes might be found.  Not one to be had in the store, we were told, in-between gasps of laughter.  Possibly not one to be had in greater New England.

After we had sowed our seeds of merriment, we went to Best Buy, where I finally succumbed and purchased the Shiny, the Canon PowerShot SX700HS 30X with the Bundled Goodies.  It’s about half as thick as my venerable PowerShot 120IS 10X, and weighs just about the same.  The challenge here is going to be remembering not to just stick it into a pocket and forget it’s there.

In theory, it does all kinds of sweet things, none of which I’ve figured out, yet, including sending pictures via wifi.  What an age we live in.

Stopped at the grocery on the way home, because we are once again about to go under a — wait for it! — Winter Storm Watch.  The theory is that we may received from 5-11 inches of snow from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday afternoon.

After that, we won’t have to deal with any more snow until Saturday night into Sunday.

My plan for the rest of the week is to take the laptop, and retire with it and Alliance of Equals to the couch and do nothing else — except shovel snow, of course  (and tomorrow’s my turn to make dinner, but that’ll be meatballs (already made) and rotinis, with gravy.  Easy-peasy.).  The Kid Coons aren’t entirely sure that they Approve of the laptop, which takes up precious lap-space that could more fruitfully be occupied by a coon cat.  Sprite, in particular, believes that she can too fit in the space between me and the keyboard.

Just for the record?

She can’t.

For those who were breathlessly awaiting my impression of Jupiter Ascending — I had a good time with it.  Mind you, I don’t get to see many movies, so that probably pre-disposes me to being amused and pleased by those I do see, but to my way of thinking, I had three winners in a row:  Guardians of the Galaxy, Big Hero6, and Jupiter Ascending.

What did you do today that was exciting?

5 thoughts on “Tuesday”

  1. I went to court!

    Results are deferred, however, for six months, at which time they will vanish into the ether. Provided,of course, I don’t again disturb the ether with my driving.

    There was a slight charge for the ritual. I deem this fair, as a lot of other people were involved. (Though no ether people, to my knowledge.)

    Tomorrow i return to my regularly scheduled adventures in Financial Accounting.

  2. Work, followed by book club. Luckily book club was late enough that the roads were cleared. Work is quiet for the moment while we wait for the current release’s deployment. We WERE going to deploy yesterday but everybody, including the DBAs (who are normally the crazies working at 6am), postponed due to snow.

    Today is work and maybe a haircut at lunch – I’ve got fed up with trying to grow out my hair.

  3. Glad to hear Jupiter was decent. I had not had high hopes from the previews. Good luck to you with your next winter blast, which I believe you said you would be battling today!

  4. I was writing a note to a friend to recommend your books, and discovered, or didn’t discover, rather, the Korval site. Then I looked here at some of your recent posts and yeah, that’s a few really sucky days. You have my sympathy — you two have given me such joy with the Korval books, and you with the Maine/Carousel series, that I wish I could send some of that back in your direction.
    One of the qualities I love best about your work is that you write about decent people trying to do what’s right, or whatever they feel or believe is right. I don’t meet a lot of cardboard cut-outs in your world. I mostly meet people I want to know better — even if I don’t agree with them or like what they’re doing at the moment. So I re-read your work, and it always makes me feel as if I’m having coffee with good friends I haven’t seen in a while.
    So thanks. Hope today and the weekend are better. Later–

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