Looking for input: Foreign Language Editions

So, I’m packing some things, on the somewhat shaky theory that packing some stuff up will convince the hearth gods that we’re really serious about this moving thing.  Also because, having some things packed up ahead is bound to make things easier when it comes time to move, and, the way our luck runs — generally good, but tending to splash slightly outside the lines — we’ll get an offer for Exactly Our Asking Price, but! we’ll have to move in the shortest possible time.

The thing that I’m packing up at the moment is The Magic Closet in my office.  This is where we keep two or three copies of all of our books (that we’ve received.  For instance, we never *did* receive a copy of the Polish edition of Conflict of Honors, in which Shan is depicted in the cover art as a rifle-toting saber-toothed tiger.  (Here’s the art.  Yes, it is on Seasons of Plenty.  In English.  Then, presumably, the artist resold Polish rights.)  I really wanted a copy of that edition.  But I digress.)

So, I have some extra copies of a few Russian language Liaden books and also some German editions.  To wit:

In Russian, I have:
4 3  1 omnibus editions, including Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, Carpe Diem (this would be the Russian edition of Partners in Necessity)
2 copies of Crystal Dragon
2 copies 1 copy of Conflict of Honors
1 copy of Balance of Trade

In German, I have:
5 copies of Flucht nach Lytaxin (Plan B)
2 copies of Showdown fur Clan Korval (the first half of I Dare)
1 set of 1 book each: Flucht nach Lytaxin, Showdown fur Clan Korval, Korvals Nemesis (the second half of I Dare, including short story “Moon on the Hill”)

Now, my question is:  Does anyone here want any of these volumes (note:  by “want” I mean “willing to pay for the book and the postage”)?  So, let’s start there, I guess:  If you want any, or all!, of these volumes, drop me a note at rolanniATkorvalDOTcom, and we’ll work out how best to go forward.


5 thoughts on “Looking for input: Foreign Language Editions”

  1. So someone came to view the house?
    Having been there and done that, I sympathize with the waiting to hear and hopefully packing part. The real estate gurus suggest putting/packing away “personal items” and “other geegaws” so that interested parties might imagine their own in place. That wasn’t usually my criteria when switching domiciles, rather it was the view. But to each their own.

  2. Yeah, we got the “put away all this STUFF” lecture, but, yanno? It is away; we put it there on purpose. Also books apparently threaten people, especially in large numbers. Who knew?

    I don’t myself have a problem seeing through other people’s STUFF when we look at houses, but apparently I have a better imagination than most.

  3. Books huh, didn’t hear that one. In any case, with the start of the new year, here’s to the selling/buying genie visiting you!

  4. My sister and her husband got rid of 50% of their books before the agent came. His first comment was they needed to get rid of 50% of the remaining books. There ARE people out there who don’t appreciate books, and unfortunately we can’t refuse to sell to them.

  5. Having books in the bookshelves inside my own house is not the same as refusing to sell to people who feel threatened by books. I happen to think that the sight of empty bookcases, leering from against the walls is FAR more threatening than a bookshelf properly employed.

    I would be a lot more willing to get rid of/hide/”put away” our STUFF if anyone was willing to guarantee that we will sell the house in six months. Since no one is willing to do that, and we not only live, but work, here, I suspect we’ll be eventually selling to someone who has an imagination and isn’t afraid of books.

    And, yanno? That’s fine.

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