Two steps forward, one step back

Still regrouping here.  Yesterday, we had much scheduled on the cleaning and catching up fronts.  I managed to vacuum the house, change the bed, and wash the dishes before I thought maybe I should sit down for a minute.  I therefore repaired to the blue chair, and the last thing I remember before waking up, two hours later, was Sprite trilling happily as she settled onto my lap.

Steve was in similar straits, though his nap was intentional, rather than impromptu.

We finished up the day by watching an episode of Columbo — my ghod, the 70s hair!  And the smoking!  And the cars!  And the fact that $50grand was enough money to buy a ski instructor away from a wealthy girlfriend.

Not to mention Columbo’s consistent flaunting of the law.  How does he just walk into people’s houses?  Oh, well.  Still a pleasure to watch Mr. Falk at work.

After such a trying day, we of course sought our beds early, and I slept well, deeply, and late.  Today, the to-do list includes all the things I didn’t finish yesterday.  And maybe another episode of Columbo, or, yanno, RED 2, or From Up on Poppy Hill, or Sleeping Beauty, all of which have been sitting on the Mencken table since before Yule, waiting for us to be ambitious enough to watch them.

Also, I still haven’t gotten out to see Into the Woods — have you?  How did you like it?

Again, many thanks to the folks who have, and are, taking time to review Carousel Seas at the review site of their choice.

And that’s all I got.

How’s the new year shaping up so far for you?

6 thoughts on “Two steps forward, one step back”

  1. I DID enjoy Into the Woods but for the abrupt ending; which is all I will say about it.

    Last night I saw “The Imitation Game” which was also excellent and prompted MANY questions to bump about in my brain incessantly. It was enough to keep me up for several extra hours, looking for the answers thereto.

  2. I enjoyed Into the Woods. They did a great job of bringing the musical to the movies. They stayed true to the musical and all of the actors did a great job. One of my favorite parts was the 2 princes singing “Agony”.

  3. Did you ever watch Mrs Colombo with Kate Mulgrew, my fellow Iowan? I remember watching that show and thinking she was a tall and robust looking gal, when in real life, when I met her the first time, she’s actually a petite woman who is maybe 5 ft 3 or 4 with high heels.
    At any rate, I haven’t seen Into the Woods yet, but I have seen Red 2, and though it was good, I liked Red 1 better. I also liked The Hundred Foot Journey starring the fabulous Helen Mirren a lot. I am currently waiting for Amazon, whose warehouse is about 25 miles from my house, to send me my copy of Carousel Seas, which I pre-ordered right after Christmas. For some odd reason, Barnes and Noble can get me my books within 2-3 days of ordering, and I have no idea where they are based, but Amazon takes forever and they are practically in my backyard. Sigh. I would have ordered from someone else if I didn’t have an Amazon gift certificate.

  4. Was that a television series? After about 1975, you can pretty reliably assume that, nope, if it was on television, I didn’t see it. The second season of Columbo, which Steve and I are viewing now, is about as far as I went in the popular televised culture.

  5. I will watch Peter Faulk in anything.
    Some of my buddies from the Reisterstown Rec Council are heavily involved in community theater. I was chatting about Into the Woods with them over New Year’s and we’re all hesitant to see the movie in case They Screw It Up. You see, we’ve all seen it on stage – June, in fact, played the Baker’s Wife on stage – so we know it fairly well.

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