Progress, sort of…

So, I have a bunch of things to do, and the whole relapse thing was so not in my schedule.  We’ve already renegotiated the deadline for Alliance of Equals, but the other things on the plate can’t exactly be renegotiated.  So, I’m plugging away at them, doggedly — no, make that grimly — and hoping to ghod that I’ll pick up something like energy and brainpower.  SOON.

On the to-do list are these things:

1.  Get paperwork/form to accountant no latter than February 20

2.  Get Best Guess for 2015 income, and copies of 2014 income tax returns to ACA on or before February 15 (you will note the discrepancies in the dates)

3.  Hand in Alliance of Equals, by no later than May 29

So. . .this morning, I spent filling in accounting paperwork, slowly; and took a stab at the Best Guess for 2015 income.  The ACA is going to have to make do with the 2013 income tax returns, because that’s what I have.  Also?  It does not fill me with joy that the ACA cannot itself get its act in gear to adhere to the IRS deadline of mailing Important Tax Documentation no later than January 31.  They sent me an email this morning indicating that I could look forward to having my 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement in “early” February.  Sigh.  Here’s hoping that’s not “early” by gummint standards.

After lunch, I answered a couple emails, and now, after I’m done this blog entry, I shall repair to the couch to read (again) the first 40K or so of Alliance of Equals, with an eye to, yanno, actually going to work sometime soon.

In other news — well, actually there is no other news, except that I just purchased three books about the Romani/Gypsies.  At this rate, I’m going to have to write another book about the Bedel.

So, what’re you doing that’s fun?


7 thoughts on “Progress, sort of…”

  1. Well gee, just so happens I’m… reading a book about the Romani/Gypsies.

    Also, trying to convince UPS that I am who I say I am. Because I am. Who I say I am.

  2. Another book about the Bedel would disappoint me soooo much. Not.

    But we’ll let you finish those currently contracted for, first.

  3. Drooling over the Bedel Book possibility.
    Mostly not fun this week…spent most of it hunting a bug that only poked its head up sporadically. Then we finally figured out it’s Internet Explorer’s fault and not our software’s fault. So if this happens in the wild, our response will be Pick Another Browser. Grrrrrr.

    The top of my head met the corner of the freezer handle last night and waited until late today to give me a whopping headache. Not Happy. I wish it could have done this last night so could have iced it then. Now I know to do it immediately.

    But I’m really just whining.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Stayed home with the kids today because one of them is sick… so how come *I* am the only one who seems to want a nap?

  5. I spent 3 hours at my doctor’s office today getting the first “loading dose” infusion of Remicade to help treat my RA. In place of infusion read IV drip for hours. As this is the 4th medication I am trying, I am hoping it will work. On the plus side I got to spend the three hours reading Carousel Tides which I picked up special for the occasion. So my thanks to you Sharon for once again creating an amazing story to transport me out of my mundane surroundings.

  6. You now fit perfectly into someone else’s book. The following is an excerpt from the poem “April 17,” from Sharon Chreech’s wonderful children’s book, “Love That Dog,” which everyone should read if they haven’t. The protagonist Jack is reluctantly writing a fan letter to his favorite poet. Fortunately, “Sharon Lee & Steve Miller” fit exactly into the rhythm scheme:

    Excerpt from the poem “April 17,” from Love That Dog: A Novel by Sharon Creech

    …because our teacher says
    writers are very very
    trying to write their words
    and the phone is ringing
    and the fax is going
    and the bills need paying
    and sometimes they get sick
    (I hope you are not sick,
    Sharon Lee and Steve Miller)
    or their family gets sick
    or their electricity goes off
    or the car needs fixing
    or they have to go
    to the grocery store
    or do the laundry
    or clean up messes.
    I don’t know how
    you find the time
    if you have to do all that stuff
    and maybe you should get
    a helper.

  7. Wow, Julie’s comments and Sharon Chreech;s poem were perfect. As for me, packed week. I taught the first session of my new class at the local private university where I work, and observed two student teachers this week where I had to leave home in pitch blackness, fight commute traffic to SF, learn to navigate the new Golden Gate bridge configuration. Attended various meetings, did dishes and found out two of my three adult children were ill with the bug going around. In between I read the first Maxwell book, Enchantress, and am no on the 4th one. Will try to take it easy today. Dog currently resting on my feet, husband typing on his computer in back of me (we share an office) and cat sitting above him supervising. Nice morning.

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