In which Monday behaves that way

So, this morning, we got up early so I could make an appointment to get Mozart in to see the vet.  He’d started sneezing, explosively, in addition to becoming increasingly unsteady on his feet.  We got an appointment for 2:30.

Then, I called my doctor, and nailed an 11:30 appointment, from which I emerged with a second order for antibiotics, since the first run did not completely drive a stake through the heart of the sinus infection.

In between my appointment and Mozart’s, Steve and I got the prescription (partially) filled, did some lightning grocery shopping, and had leftover meat loaf and mashed potatoes for lunch.

Mozart. . .has lost three pounds since the last time the vet saw him.  The good news is that the sneezing isn’t a respiratory infection, but seems more related to the dry winter air that makes everybody sneeze.  He was given a tablet to increase his appetite, and we were given a talk about old cats who are on the downward slope of their lives.  We are to observe his appetite and his mobility and give the vet a call on Thursday.

I should mention that these multiple trips to town were made in a really nasty little snowstorm that the weatherbeans wouldn’t even admit was happening, and that Steve is a Hero of the Revolution, for doing all the driving.

That being all the news that’s fit to print — except that Mozart has come into my office to yell at me because the pill made him hungry — I’m going to — feed Mozart, obviously, and do the dishes.

Hope everybody’s well and happy.


3 thoughts on “In which Monday behaves that way”

  1. My sinus infection has gone on for a month and a half they tell me it has to run the course. bummer!!

    If Mozart doesn’t want his cat food try baby food they love it!

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