I see that you are a logger, and not just a common bum

Well, let’s see. . .

Tuesday into Wednesday, we hosted a nor’easter here in Central Maine — and in the rest of Maine, too; I don’t want you to think that anybody was left out of the festivities.

We here at the Cat Farm were the joyful recipients of 19 inches/48.6 cm of fluffy white snow, kind of the mid-range of snowfall for the storm.  Yesterday into today, we had another little snowstorm, this one without the high winds that had accompanied the nor’easter, which graced us with another 14 inches/35.6 cm of slightly-less-fluffy snow.  As I type this, it is not snowing, and we rejoice in a total snowfall for the week of 33 inches/83.8 cm.

This is the point where the top of Mount Snowplow is just slightly higher than the, err, deck of the deck.  The stairs from the deck to the driveway are in a kind of snow tunnel, which would be cool if it were high enough to protect the stairs from accumulating any more storm product, but — no.  Only high enough that I can’t shove the snow off the step and under the bannisters, to the sides.  From now on, step-snow will either need to be lifted to the top of Mount Snowplow, or shoved straight down to the driveway, and dealt with there.

You may have caught what I did there:  “From now on. . .”  That’s because the weatherbeans have discovered another snowstorm — a little snowstorm — heading for Central Maine on Monday, bearing a gift of 6-11 inches/15.2-27.9 cm of snow, winds, and very cold temperatures.

I foresee a trip to the grocery store tomorrow, to stock up on Mozart’s Favorite Sort, and other, less essential items, for us.

The good news is that, after Monday’s Weather, we’re in the clear for the foreseeable future, snow-wise.  Well.  Except for the gentle dusting of 3ish inches/7.6 cm over Wednesday night, but, really, that’s just Business as Usual.

Now, in between all this exciting weather — on Wednesday, in fact, we got a call from our realtor, letting us know that someone wanted to see our house rather early on Saturday.  We were dubious, but we straightened up, insomuchas, and got up early this morning to vacuum (so as to get all the cat fur) and to shovel out what snow had accumulated on the overnight.

The only problem was — it was still snowing.  And?  Maine DOT had issued a warning, stating that only emergency traffic ought to be on the roads, and — long story short, the showing was canceled, to be rescheduled sometime next week, which is fine — better safe, I always say, and, anyhow, the plowguy didn’t get to us ’til afternoon, so it was just as well.

However, it did make for a. . .rather strange day, here at the Cat Farm, one that included a rather lengthy nap.

It’s amazing how much the weather can toy with your plans, even when you live indoors.

How are y’all weathering the Weather where you are?


In other news, though still related to the weather (this is a post about the weather), I teasingly introduced a friend to “The Frozen Logger,” (from which today’s blog title derives) and now of course, I can’t get the damn’ thing out of my head.  So! I share!

Here’s your link to the Weavers’ rendition of The Frozen Logger.

* * *

Progress on Alliance of Equals
44,526/100,000 OR 44.5% COMPLETE

“It’s nothing short of astonishing, how often boldness is found to be its own reward.”

6 thoughts on “I see that you are a logger, and not just a common bum”

  1. We, in our little valley have had an easy Winter re: snow. However, Cold, we got lots of and I would rather have snow.

    Thanks to the song. Made my day.

  2. They were so young in that photo/album cover. Yeah, weren’t we all. Thanks.

    Glad you’re dry, warm and stocked up on Critical Cat Food varieties.

  3. “Cause nobody but a logger stirs his coffee with his thumb.”
    I learned that off an album my parents got from a little Rhodesian variety show called Wait a Minim. The album was banned there for the anti-apartheid ditty “Black-White Calypso.” Yeah, I know – the irony of a song about a frozen logger being found the southernmost Africa….

    I hope you continue to prevail against the weather…

  4. Hi Sharon:

    Checking in from Chicago, where we just went through the fifth-biggest snowstorm in the history of our little burg. 19.3 inches from Saturday night through this morning.

    One queston, if I may. I see you are posting progress information on “Alliance of Equals”. Do you normally plan on your books being approximately 100,000 words, or do you know this is how long this one will end up already? Just curious.

  5. I’ll call that a snowstorm.

    Well, see, the contract calls for “one novel in the Liaden Universe(R) of AT LEAST 100,000 words.”

    So, 100,000 words is the goal. Lately, we go over by a few words. It says here that Dragon in Exile was submitted at 129,659 words.

  6. We missed the first snow fall for mid-Michigan as we had vacationed in Orlando. I did have to wonder about the sanity level as we’re returning and the thermometer keeps going down as we headed north. The morning after our return the temp was -14F.

    Big storm Saturday – Monday with about 10 inches in our area, and drifts to, oh, almost three feet.

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