Everybody tells me get a job and cut my hair

So, this morning Kineo had an early appointment at Charlie’s Subaru in Augusta, for an oil change and tire rotation.  The last time I was in Charlie’s, they were in the midst of Deep Renovations.  Those upgrades are now finished.  The waiting area has comfy chairs, and three computer workstation tables; there’s a tidy little section for children to play with Nerf thingies, and, I thought, after my first, pleased look around — no television!

It was right about then that I spotted it — a monster screen mounted on the wall at the back of the area, but — it was off.  That’s right, it was off, even though the control-stick was in plain sight.  Every one of my eight companions-in-waiting were — reading books.

I sat down and joined them.

After Kineo was cleared to go, I stopped at Target to take advantage of their white sale, then eased past Barnes & Noble, where I saw a copy of Carousel Seas in the wild!  One copy of Carousel Seas, that would be, which I signed and put back on the shelf.

I came home to find that Steve had been busy in my absence, delivering the returnables to the redemption center, washing the dishes, and marinating chicken for tomorrow’s dinner.  We did lunch, then I finished the interview I’d started the other day while Steve put together an end table.

I thought, now that that interview has been sent on, that I would get to work on an InfoDump, but you know what?  I’ll do that tomorrow.

It has been bitterly cold here in Central Maine; tonight the weatherbeans are calling for a low of -16F/-26C, with tomorrow’s high to be every bit of 6F/-14C.  Happily, we have nowhere to go tomorrow, and the weather for Friday morning, when Princess Sprite will travel to visit her physician, is supposed to be sunny, with an eventual high of 26F/-3C.

So! Everybody stay warm, and I’ll see you on the flipside.

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4 thoughts on “Everybody tells me get a job and cut my hair”

  1. I can see the headlines now. “Woman arrested in Barnes & Noble for defacing books.” Actually, at our age it’s more likely to read, “Elderly woman arrested…”

  2. Actually, I think it’s so thoughtful of you to sign a book on the shelf. Imagine the pleasant surprise to the buyer when they open the book.

  3. I like your car dealership…their customers have taste.

    We have frigid temps here tonight – and low water pressure, which does NOT bode well.

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