In which work goes forth, but not very quickly

I wrote new! words! yesterday.  Under 700 new words, but they were in the right direction, and represent more words of fiction than have been written at this keyboard for quite a number of days.

So, that.

This morning, I vacuumed the house, which was entirely covered in cat fur, and Steve put the living room back together, for values of “back together” that include putting the sleeping bag away and returning the Mencken Table to its proper configuration.

Also, we hung my new curtains, so Steve can have my former curtains for his office.  There was a reason we did it this way.  Oh.  My former curtains were one set/two panels, split between two windows.  My new curtains are two sets/four panels, split between two windows, just like they do in classy houses.  Steve has but one large window in his office, which the grey curtains as a set will cover perfectly.

Man, is life complicated, or what?

My new curtains come with — tie backs!  I don’t know when I last saw curtain tie backs, but I suppose that, since I have them, I ought to use them.  Later today, I will deploy some push pins where they will do the most good.

The day here at the Cat Farm began with rain, and has segued into blue sky, sunshine, and fluffy white clouds.  The driveway, which, yesterday, had been a ice rink, is today a mere quagmire.  This is actually a Good Thing:  We cannot walk out to get the mail (which was impossible, yesterday), but, should the hundred or so pre-ordered Carousel Seas destined after signing for Uncle Hugo’s actually arrive today, the UPS guy will be able to get the cases to the porch.  Yesterday, he would have had to slide them down to us from the road, and I fear it would not have been pretty.

There will be tuna sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch.

This afternoon, I guess I ought to get really physical and strip the bed.  Or not. Today’s writing goal is to break 40K!

And!  Those who are jonesing for an eArc of Dragon in Exile for Yule — Ms. Weisskopf has suggested that there may be some time more for you to wait, and that you might wish to enter the current Baen contest, here.  First prize is $250 credit toward Baen ebooks/eArcs.  Contest closes December 20, 2014.

. . .and that?  Is all I’ve got.  Here, have a rare picture of Mozart, charging up on his UPS:

Mozart taking on a charge
Mozart taking on a charge

* * *

Progress on Alliance of Equals
39,028/100,000 OR 39.3% COMPLETE

“Have you ever seen anyone hang?”

2 thoughts on “In which work goes forth, but not very quickly”

  1. Oo, that’s an ominous snippet.

    Yay for new words and recoveries. Don’t push yourself too fast or it may take longer…

  2. I’m glad Mozart has a back up power source. It is so hard to keep the solar powered kitties charged up this time of year in Maine.

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