Boxing Day

Boxing events at the Lee-Miller Cat Farm and Confusion Factory today have been canceled.  We regret the inconvenience.

Today, on the outside of the house, the weather is sunny and blue, and warm, for Central Maine values of warm in December (41F/5C).  The wind, which, yesterday, was quite dreadful, has died down.  The snow has largely melted and it looks like the approach to mud season.

One hears that Carousel Seas is shipping from BN.  One assumes that pre-orders are also shipping from Amazon, though it’s worth noting that this is an assumption.

Those who have written, wondering about the “next book” in the trilogy — sorry, folks.  It is a trilogy; Carousel Seas is the third book; the story arc begun in Carousel Tides, and continued in Carousel Sun, is now completed*.

I will be doing a chewy, fact-filled post sometime after New Year’s Day, but I did want to let those folks we normally look forward to seeing at Boskone that — what with one thing and pneumonia — we will not (not) be attending Boskone 52.

I hope everyone has a pleasant Friday.


*If you disagree with that assertion or wish to argue about it, I pray you — argue elsewhere.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Boxing Day”

  1. Pneumonia is reason to cancel anything, and I hope recovery from, to full energy levels, is as swift as may be. Keep breathing and cuddle cats.

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