Saturday in the sun

The sun rose today.  The sky was blue.  It didn’t rain.

It was glorious.

Steve and I went desk-chair shopping, which meant sitting in rather a lot of desk chairs at the local office store.  I really liked the Lazy-Boy executive chair.  If I’d looking for a chair to nap it, I’d’ve snapped it up in a heartbeat.  Sadly, I occasionally fall asleep in the not-very-comfy chair I already employ, so — the Lazy-Boy got voted off the island.

Found a Raynor Nefil Smart Motion Managers mesh chair, which was Highly Adjustable, and comfy-enough.  It was expensive and ugly, but it would probably do the trick.  I emailed its information to myself and we continued test-chairing.

After dismissing several more, both Steve and I found that we both independently liked the Tempur-pedic 8000 task chair — more comfy than the mesh chair, not as comfy as the Lazy-Boy, with all of the adjustments available to the mesh chair — and somewhat less expensive.  Also, while A Thing of Beauty, still a nice-enough looking piece of furniture.

Another email sent to myself, some minor office supply shopping taken care of, and out we went into the day — which, as I have mentioned WAS NOT RAINY — this time bound for Belanger’s Drive-Through in Downtown Fairfield, where Steve and I split a warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream while sitting at a picnic bench in the sun.


Eventually, we came home, as one must, to a late dinner, and, having research chairs, I now believe that I’ll read somebody else’s book for a little while.

Hope y’all had an enjoyable and slightly lazy Saturday.

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