Is it over now? Do you know how? To pick up the pieces and go home

So, the hospital came through with an early check-in time, but then we got to sit around for a couple hours before Steve’s turn came in the outpatient operating room.  We talked with one of the nurses while we were waiting; she professed herself a great reader, though not of science fiction, and was, indeed, able to reel off quite a list of authors who do not write science fiction.  She credited her Kindle with increasing the number of books she was able to read, because of being able to just buy the next book without ever leaving her chair.  And then she said, “No, wait! I did read one science fiction book, and I liked it a lot!  It was called. . .it was called. . .Old Man’s War.  But I don’t remember the author.”

Steve and I were able to help her out, there.

In fact, I did not take the galleys with me, remembering, as I did, and in the nick of time, the accommodations available to waiting family members.  This turned out to be a wise choice, for many reasons, not the least of which is that I really only had about 45 minutes to myself before Steve was back with a clean bill of health.  So, yay! for clean bill of health.

Once the hospital released us, we repaired to Tim Horton’s for a late lunch. Tim Horton’s in Waterville subscribes to FM 107.9 (the MIX, to you), which is a local Waterville station on which Tim’s advertises,  thus this makes Perfect Sense.  The MIX plays oldies.  I mean Really Old Oldies, like, for instance, Gold Dust Woman (to which, yes, I know ALL the words), and so we will ritually blame Tim Horton’s for the title of today’s blog post.  Here’s your link

After lunch, we came home (as he was coming out from under the anaesthesia, Steve insisted several times that the doctor was supposed to have given me a note to go to the ocean.  Alas, the doctor fell down on this important detail, so we went home.), whereupon Steve went to bed, and so to sleep.  The cats thought this was a Splendid! Idea! so they went to sleep too, which left me to ply my craft in wakeful solitude.  There are about 100 pages left of galley-reading left.  Can she finish in time to get the corrected pages into overnight FedEx by four p.m. Friday?  Tune in tomorrow for the answer to this, and other, thrilling questions. . .

In the meantime, it’s been a long, and sporadically stressful, day.  I’m very tired, but realize that I need to eat something, though I’ve no idea what.

So, let me get off of the intertubes and  go solve that interesting problem before I fall asleep with my face in the keyboard.

Everybody stay safe.


3 thoughts on “Is it over now? Do you know how? To pick up the pieces and go home”

  1. Wow, you have only 100 pages left after all that upheaval? You rock!

    I miss oldies stations. The ones around here play stuff from the 80s and 90s. shudder I used to grade physics lab reports to the 50s and 60s hits…sigh.

  2. Aww… I obviously didn’t get the GOOD drugs when I went in for my own nap. It was a most excellent nap, though.

    Hurray for clean bills of health!

  3. When one of us is ill, and a feline companion decides to supervise closely, we call that ‘a visit from the kitty nurse.’ No doubt Steve will recover very quickly, given the number of kitty nurses on call chez vous. 😉

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