Where was I?

Well, let’s see. . .

So, I didn’t sprain my ankle, after all, only stretched the tendons.  Which, while it still involves braces and elevation, and lounging on the couch under a coverlet of coon cats, is a Completely Different Order of injury.  Of course, lounging on the couch with the Mencken Table prepped with laptop, tablet, phone, pad and pens, water bottle, &c does discombobulate the living room utterly, so I’m expecting a call from our real estate agent any second now, asking us to leave the house for three days in order to accommodate various Showings.

Today, I have Various Things to catch up on, as one does upon return from vacation.  Bills need to be paid. The Hot Folder needs going through.  Appointments for haircuts need to be made.  I need to write a short story; possibly, I need to write two short stories.  We shall see.  I expect the galleys for Carousel Seas to hit the inbox realsoonnow.  And!  I need to sort through the Bits that didn’t go into the book that became Dragon in Exile and figure out how much of that belongs in the next book, which I Very Much Hope will be Easier on Us All than Dragon. . .  was.

Speaking of Carousel Seas, time’s a-wastin’ if you want a signed and/or personalized copy of the trade paper edition, due out from Baen in January 2015.  Here’s how to get one.

In cat news, Sprite is helping Steve sort the laundry; Mozart is asleep on his super-soft fleecy-thing under my desk. Scrabble is asleep on my, Mozart’s, her rocker and Trooper is taking a well-earned rest after a game of Flying Mouse so vigorous, the stick snapped off in my hand.

Anybody know where to get Flying Mice?  Our local pet shop doesn’t carry them anymore.


Time to get on with the day.

Hope yours is productive and interesting.

4 thoughts on “Where was I?”

  1. What did the Flying Mouse look like? We have a mouse on a string–my tired brain refuses to come up with the brand name right now. Hopefully it will oblige once I step away from the keyboard.

  2. If you find one let us all know. Mine is down to a tiny stump of a stick because it has snapped twice. My cats don’t like the feather ones and want a mousie on a stick, please and thank you.

  3. I don’t know if Flying Mice is a brand name. If not, I have a flying mouse suggestion which my cats love a lot.

    It is the Cat Catcher from Go Cat, which I got from Amazon. My first one was from my cousin Nan, who plays with them with her cats. I have had to replace it twice so far. The string seems indestructible, but the connection to the wand will eventually come apart if pulled and chewed often enough.

    Here is an Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Cat-Catcher-Teaser-Wand-Mouse/dp/B000LPOUNW

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