Tuesday to-do

1.  Sleep forever  Downsized to “nap for an hour”

2.  Print out penultimate draft

3.  Clean the house Downsized to “vacuum” because, damn, that hurt

4.  Do the laundry  Put off until tomorrow, because 6:30 pm now

5.  Accompany Steve to cardiologist appointment

6.  Replenish red pens and sticky notes

7.  Pick up prescriptions

8.  Grocery?  I think so (check list)

9.  Groom cats  Put off until tomorrow, because #3

10. Figure out contest to give away FREE! Audible! Edition! of Carousel Sun!

11.  Stop already with the list-making; you’re never going to get all this done today

EDITED TO ADD:  The penultimate draft of Dragon in Exile stands at 121,562 words

Calm before a storm means it’ll snow twice as deep,  Gramma Golden used to say.  He couldn’t remember that she’d ever been wrong on it, either.

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