In which work goes forward and the cats are groomed

So! Twenty percent of the Penultimate Manuscript is now Ultimate Manuscript!  Hoping to do much better today.

In other news, the Coon Cats predict that!  Winter is Coming.  You heard it here, first.

Spent some of this morning trying to find out from Nook why the payment for June sales has yet to arrive in our checking account.  It should have arrived on Sunday night, but Nook is always taken by surprise by the sudden — and, indeed, unannounced — appearance of Bank Holidays, so I figured it would show up on Tuesday…or Wednesday…or certainly by Thursday.

But, no.

And, it turns out that the folks on Nook Support Live Chat can only cut’n’paste from the FAQ, which I can — and did — read for myself, thanks.  They can’t tell me if June payments have been disbursed, that question has to be bumped upstairs to some Top Secret Office which answers its mail in three days, honest.

I dunno.  Most places where I’ve had day-jobs, if it suddenly came to the attention of the Accounting Department that a Bank Holiday has hoved and/or hoven outta the mist, they cut paychecks the day before the holiday.  You’d figure that Nook’s Accounting Department might be that smart, but maybe I’m naive.

Today is bright and breezy, and supposed eventually to get warmish, but right now….*kisses her fingertips*

And!  I’m for the couch, and the other 80% of the manuscript.

What’re you doing today that’s fun?

4 thoughts on “In which work goes forward and the cats are groomed”

  1. It’s a cruel tease to mention coon cats without including a picture. We’re in hairball season here and sincerely hope you are not.

    Best luck on getting nook to cough up the loot.

  2. Yesterday and the day before I dug everything out from under my (loft) bed. Last night, today, and probably for several more days, I’m going to sort books in boxes so I can actually find them, and tuck them back under the bed. These are the books I haven’t read, or haven’t read in so long I don’t remember them, so I need to read them and decide whether they get room on the shelves.

    There are no Lee & Miller books under there – no way I own one and haven’t read it, usually several times.

    Well, you asked what I’d be doing that’s fun!

  3. I’ve decorated for fall, even tho’ the temps here in the Texas Panhandle have been hotter n’ hell. I’m reading through the series again…on Plan B at the moment. BTW-I’ve read several times about Anne Davis’ death, but only this go ’round do I see that it was at the hands of the Department of the Interior. I can’t find anything else about what happened, and then what happened to Er Thom, but that he, too, died. Have I read over something so fast I missed it or has this not been fully described yet? (BTW, I’ve been a lurker on your blog for sometime and at all the Korval sites I can find. This is the first time I’ve actually posted anything. Please forgive me if it’s in the wrong spot…I’ll gladly go elsewhere if I should)

    Angus, the Pixie-bob, has begun to eat more-he says it’s ’cause he’s putting on his winter duds, but I dasn’t believe him. Leeloo, the tuxie-miss, declines to address her increasing poof, but to say that thick fur is very IN this year.

    Thank you for being on the couch!

  4. Reading, grocerying, reading, scritching appreciative cat, not scritching aloof cat, reading, laundry, reading, appreciating sun setting shadows (where has the day gone??), reading…… Smiles ..and goes back to reading

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