In which there may not BE enough coffee in Brasil

My first cup of coffee is gone, Mozart has had his first round of food, we need to do something about our breakfast, and the rain that came through last night was carrying autumn on its back. Yay, Autumn!

As I write this, 82% of the Penultimate Draft of Dragon in Exile has been Ultimated.  That means I have 103 pages, or about 23,000 words to finish.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is that these? These are the 23,000 words that were whipped out at white heat in order to finish, finish, FINISH DAMMIT.  Ahem.  So, they’re. . .um. Somewhat unruly.  My hope is that the sentences make sense.  Well, that most of the sentences make sense.

So, after breakfast (see what I did there?) I will be retiring, with printout, red pen, yellow pad, stickies, coon cats, and Even More Coffee to the couch.  And may ghod have mercy on my soul.

And you thought writing was easy.

At least, after this is over, I will never have to write again.


Except for the short story that’s due in October; and that other novel, that’s due in 2015; and — but it’s probably best, I think, to Live in the Moment.  So!

Finish this book, O Writer Brain, and you Never Have to Write Again.  In which Never is defined as “at least two weeks.”  Deal?


Let’s do this thing.

5 thoughts on “In which there may not BE enough coffee in Brasil”

  1. You and your brain have a good thing going. Misdirection can be one of the more acceptable ways for my brain to get out of a stall. “Certainly you can take that nap! We just need to clean the closet. We’ll take it 15 minutes at a time….”

    I hope it all folds properly into place for you. Thanks for the effort – always fun to hear another one of your books is on the cusp.

  2. No no no, it’s the ghod may have mercy on the SENTENCES, not you. You are the badass. Your weapons are the Red Pen of Doom and the Stickie Notes of Control. The cats – are backup. Able backup, but backup nonetheless.

    I am finishing both linens (I was attacked by naps yesterday) and CAROUSEL SUN today.

    We Will Be Victorious!

    cue suitable soundtrack….

    (Hmn wonder where I put the CD of Carmina Burana that I sang on? Maybe the Best of Queen CD will have to substitute…)

  3. No sentences are bad enough to stay the revisionist on her appointed rounds. You will come out victorious (though possibly overfull of caffeine) and All Will Be Well. (Though this reader will be shifting from foot to foot until she has a chance to read the actual finished book. Not that I’m a fangirl or anything like that….)

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