In Which the Author Waits

What does the author wait for, you ask?

Well, happily, she no longer waits for the power to come back on.  Central Maine Power was on the case almost immediately, and we were back on the grid in less than two hours.  Since the coffee auto-brew cycle had finished *this much* ahead of the black-out, I believe we can chalk the whole experience up to: More Fortunate Than Not.

But I am waiting for Other Things, among them:

*An answer from someone who sent me her email address, but apparently never checks her email

*A contract with signing check

*Galley proofs

*Authors’ copies — I called this one yesterday when the UPS truck pulled up in front of the house (as in, I said, “Now, what. . .?  Oh!  BOOKS!”).  It turned out to be the monthly order of cat litter, and after we took it on, Steve said, “What books are we expecting?”  and I said, “Mass market Trade Secrets.”  and he said, “Already?”

*Books — this being a modest order of used books for moi

*The backbrain to get on the case and fork over with the short story I need to write

*A buyer, krugerrands twinkling on his fingertips, for this house

*The perfect in-town house for us to move into to manifest, but not before the guy above puts the krugerrands into our hands

*A movie deal for Agent of Change (or The Tomorrow Log, or Carousel Tides, or Barnburner; I’m not particularly picky on this point)

. . .I think that’s it.

So!  It’s a good thing I have some peppers and onions to chop up for the freezer, and some vacuuming to do, while I wait.

What’re you waiting for?

13 thoughts on “In Which the Author Waits”

  1. For this nagging cough to go away.
    Well, I got stuff for bronchitis this morning so maybe *that* will kick its tail.

  2. A winning Loto ticket, that date with a supermodel I ordered, and perfect health. Oh, and some Jello…because there is always room for Jello.

    BTW, if you are holding out solely for krugerrands it might be a difficult sell. 🙂

  3. My new vision to settle down. The next norther (we’re back in summer.) The fiberglass bits to exit my leg. My high G and A to return to my voice (without any effort on my part) ideally accompanied by the excellent B and C above them that I haven’t had since about age 12. (The G and A are possible–had them only a couple of years ago when taking voice lessons and apparently I had a momentary unsucky B-flat.) To hear whether a wonderful-but-can’t-be-talked-about-yet possibility has a snowball’s chance in hell of materializing. To get my daily pages done on the New Thing.

  4. From whom do you buy used books? I usually buy from, but I’ve been know to use Abebooks and Powells too. If there’s another source, I’m interested, just for comparative pricing purposes.

  5. I use ABEBooks — a matter of laziness, I guess. Lately, it’s happened that I’ve been buying the non-art books from Yankee Clipper down in Connecticut. They’re in New England, so the books get here quick, there’s no shipping, and they’ve had what I was looking for the last four or six times I needed books.

  6. Krugerrands, eh?

    When I was holding the bank check to pay for the condo I bought a few years ago I went and calculated how much it would be in lovely gold coins.

    Sadly, the pile wouldn’t be very impressive. Not nearly enough to roll on unless you are a small cat. I estimate that a Maine Coon would need a least a million dollars worth.

  7. I’m waiting for the pots to soak enough that the burnt bits will come off (I’m still bit used to how fast my new-to-me copper frying pan heats). Slightly longer term, I’m waiting for Thursday to get here for a road trip to the American Quilt Show in Des Moines.

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