In which a plan comes together

I finished the Ultimating of Dragon in Exile in the wee hours of the morning. For those playing along at home, the word count stands at 127,690  — or! 128% complete.

Today, I’ll print out and Steve will read the book from “The. . .”  all the way to “own.”  We are, just a smidge, ahead of schedule.

This timing is actually going to work well, because among yesterday’s treasures was a call from our real estate agent, telling us that we need to vacate the house this afternoon so that it can be shown.  So!  This morning — straighten the house and print out the manuscript.  This evening — um?  Scrabble?  Rummy?  My Neighbor Tortoro?  Tomorrow — we’re scheduled to look at two houses in town in the afternoon, around which errands Steve will read the manuscript and I will read. . .something else.  After he finishes his read, I will fix any problems he has identified, or — if it is a Perfect Manuscript, which is, of course, Exactly What We Expect(tm) — I’ll simply make sure things are spelled correctly, convert the manuscript to .doc and email it to Madame the Editor.

Whereupon there will be MUCH rejoicing.

Remember that the Birthday Planning Challenge to win a free! audio! edition! of Carousel Sun by Sharon Lee (hey, that’s me!) is still going on.  Rules and entry forms HERE. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far; you guys think I’m some kind of adventurous.

And now?  I need to refill my coffee cup and turn on the Cat Eating Machine.

7 thoughts on “In which a plan comes together”

  1. The Crowd of Fans ROAR!
    I hope sleep is involved somewhere in there.
    Jackie reckons it’s a Dog Eating Machine too.

  2. I’m so glad the website is working for me today! And I agree, that after being out all afternoon for the real estate people, a session with Totoro is highly desirable! Enjoy the day, knowing that the biggest piece of the job has been successfully knocked out of the park! (Are there any more metaphors I could have slipped into that soup?)

  3. Very exciting news… about the manuscript that is… I don’t envy you at all concerning the move… My bride and I figured it out last year that we had moved 27 times in our 29 years together… And, of course, we had each moved numerous time prior to getting to know each other… fortunately, most of the moves were compliments of the US Army, so our bank accounts were not affected significantly…

  4. Did you ever read Zenna Henderson’s story, ‘Hush!’ I couldn’t face a vacuum cleaner for weeks. So, if you haven’t read it yet, wait until after the house sale goes through and you don’t have to suck in enough hair to knit a new cat before every showing.

  5. Hooray! And I’m not the least bit surprised that you’re ahead of schedule–you two have had practice!

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