I got me a car, like, it seats about twenty

Yeah, still writing, here.  We did take Friday morning off to explore the renovated base housing in Brunswick (these would be the houses that came empty when the Gummint shut down the Brunswick Naval Air Force Base; they’re being renovated in sections by a local company and released for sale).  Let us say that renovated base housing is still. . .base housing.  However! If you’re interested in living in Brunswick, Maine, it is indeed true that the most inexpensive houses in Brunswick are at what is now styled McKeen Landing.

I’ve been so focused that I forgot that this is Labor Day weekend, which, all things considered, is just as well.  Monday is also Scrabble’s twelfth birthday, so that’s, like, two holidays rolled into one.

Speaking of holiday celebrations, Audible has kindly given me coupon codes good for free copies of the Audible edition of Carousel Sun.  As soon as this dragon is out of my hair, I’ll be holding a contest to get those codes into good hands.

For those keeping track at home, Dragon in Exile now stands at 113,640 words, more or less.  There are three-and-one-half scenes left to be written.  To the best of my knowledge. Still hoping to finish the penultimate draft today, so, I’ll, ummmm, see you later.

Today’s blog post title is brought to you by the B52’s “Love Shack.”  Here’s your link.

* * *

Progress on Dragon in Exile

113,640/100,000 OR 113.64% complete

“You are clanless!  Avert your face!”

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