Friday, thus far

So, the guy who was supposed to start work No Later Than 8:30 this morning Actually Arrived at 9:50, whereupon Steve and I had to Vacate the Premises so that the 10:00 Viewing of the House could happen.  We had a late breakfast at Governor’s in Waterville, then went to KMart in the sincere, but as it happens, mistaken belief that we could buy a coffeemaker there.  We wound up going to Target in Augusta for said Necessary Item of Auctorial Survival.  We arrived home just as our guy and his helper were cleaning up, did the inspection and the Paying of the Fee, and received the information that the 10:00 Viewing happened; as did the 11:00 Viewing.

I’m starting to think we need to install an Arrival/Departure board, and a Really Big Clock on the front lawn.

Anyhow, it is now, or very shortly, time to eat the midday meal, then I get to go back into town to get a Long Overdue haircut.  Then! The day being shot anyhow, we might Just As Well go see the evening 2D of Guardians of the Galaxy, making a Personal Best of FOUR trips into town in one 24-hour span. This strategy will allow me to lock the door to my office All Weekend and get some dern work done.

How’s your Friday shaping up?


4 thoughts on “Friday, thus far”

  1. Because of a work event themed around Frozen, I went looking for my reindeer antler headband in the storage closet. It was in the *very first* Christmas tub I opened! I am taking this as a sign that all will go well!

    Our “unwelcome” new neighbors in the attic space have been deemed honey bees, not wasps, which means they are protected and cannot be simply exterminated. I am grateful they are not accessing our interior space and that the apartment complex must now call a beekeeper to remove them.

    This Friday looks very good so far!

  2. I grabbed breakfast from my local indie bagel shop, then the morning meeting with the townhome folks went smoothly, resulting in keys and a garage door opener (GULP, I have a garage!). I went an looked at the place and it’s … not as big as it looks on the floorplans. But still! Big!

    Went home and back to packing, packing, packing. I have this fear of not jamming in enough small stuff to fill in the cracks. My problem is actually the big stuff – like framed art – that won’t fit in ANY of the boxes. I’m taking a box of old bookstore/office supplies to the star trek con tonight to donate to the Committee.

    Now the realtor who’s taking over this place just postponed the afternoon meeting so I have a choice of a nap or pack more boxes. I *do* sell books at the con tonight 10pm to midnight so a nap is probably a Good Idea. It’s hard when you’re on a roll though.

    I have to say I’m surprised your Showings didn’t complain about having the contractor there, but maybe they see it as a Good Thing. I hope you get an offer out of this.

  3. Oooh, a garage!

    I’d opt for the nap, myself.

    And, both realtors, when made aware of the fact that Work had been scheduled and would be going forth, gave it as their opinions that this would show their clients directly that we were “taking care” of the house.

    Go, figure.

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