Advert: House for Sale

Frequent auditors of this blog will recall that Steve and I are selling our house in the country in order to move into town.  The house really is in the country, about six miles from the Winslow shopping district, and sits on 1.74 acres of mostly wooded land.  We like birds and butterflies, so we made a deliberate effort to encourage trees and plants that draw them.

In Maine-speak, the house is a raised ranch, which means it’s a ranch house over a full basement.  The upper floor has three bedrooms (two now used as offices), a bathroom, kitchen, and living room.  We just replaced the old deck with a slightly smaller, roofed porch, which we’re enjoying the heck out of this summer.

Half of the basement is finished, with wood paneling and an “all-nighter” woodstove.  You can walk out of the basement directly into the back yard.

It is, let me say, a comfortable house, and I’m gonna miss it when we move, but move we must, for reasons that have nothing at all to do with the house.

So!  If you, or a friend, or a relative are looking for a home, ours is for sale.  Our real estate agent has put together a very nice virtual slide show, which you can look at, and share, here  There’s  narration, so you’ll want to have the speakers on.

PLEASE NOTE:  Several of the pictures include cats.  The cats do not (that’s NOT) come with the property.


3 thoughts on “Advert: House for Sale”

  1. So sorry you are having to leave your well loved home for something closer into the city. My best thoughts to you on the sale.

  2. I believe we bought them at Lowe’s in Augusta, Maine, after having seen them in a Lowe’s someplace in Deepest New Hampshire.

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