About Sasquan and the generosity of strangers

Asyouknowbob, Steve and I had to cancel our trip to DetCon, after swearing for a whole long year that we fully intended to be there.  In canceling we disappointed some people who are important to us, including ourselves, but not only is Life generally disdainful of the Full Intentions of human beings, we missed catching the Wealthy Author train some time back.  Added to all of that is the fact that we’ve put our house on the market and will therefore be moving. . .sometime.  We do have to sell this house before we can buy another (see “Wealthy Author train,” above), so this project bodes well for becoming Much More Exciting before it’s completed.

What all of the above has to do with Sasquan is that the DetCon cancellation has apparently caused some West Coast folks to fear that we will serve Sasquan the same.  Let me hasten to say that this is not an unreasonable fear (see “selling house,” and “Life,” above).  We have heard from folks who want Assurances, which we can only give to the extent that Life allows.

Several other people, however, have decided to be pro-active, and have written with offers of assistance, in terms of covering transportation costs, sharing hotel space, and in terms of Cold, Hard Cash.

First, let me say that we appreciate these offers; that we want to get to Sasquan as much as anyone else wants us to get there, and if people are willing to give us some help to make that happen, we’re certainly in no position to be anything but grateful.


While we cannot see the future, we can make better guesses about it, the closer we get to a fixed point.  It is, as I write this, July of 2014.  Sasquan is scheduled to begin on August 19, 2015.  We have some time to work with here; time to let things shake out and stabilize.

So, what I propose is this:  Let’s not panic just yet about Lee and Miller bailing on Sasquan.  Let’s revisit this conversation in February 2015 — say, after Boskone — and take a hard look at where we are, and if it seems likely that we’re going to need help to get out to Spokane and do the con.  This year, things started going south very early, and while we realize that Life has many sleeves to laugh in, we ought to have some idea of the shape of the rest of 2015 by then.

If it does, indeed, seem as if we’re going to need help, then I’ll ask for ideas about Patreon and Indigogo and who know what else will have sprung into existence in the meantime.

In the meantime, we’ll be making our hotel reservations for Sasquan when the period opens in August, and in general proceeding on this Intention of ours to be at the con.

Thank you all for being with us for this long ride, and for your concern, and generosity.  Steve and I appreciate you more than we can say.


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  1. Having been born and raised in Spokane I really hope you will be able to make it. I’ve hoped to meet you for about the last quarter century, but due to RL I never get to East Coast cons.

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