In which dinner is served

I am remiss in reporting the outcome of the third dinner in the HelloFresh box — pea, mint, and feta risotto.

All of the fresh ingredients provided were, indeed, fresh, so no substitutions were necessary.  And — it’s a simple dish, simply made.  The most strenuous part of the exercise was chopping the onion, garlic and mint, but I like to chop things so I was a happy woman.  The rice did need constant stirring, which kind of got old, but finished up just before it became an Utter Bore.  At the last minute, Steve suggested the addition of two leftover sausage links, which added an Extra Something Pleasant to an otherwise warm and filling dish.  One pot, a chopping board, a sharp knife, a wooden spoon, and a bowl apiece to serve it made for a simple wash-up, too.

We did have about a bowl of rice left over, which we’ll doubtless find a use for.  We used the chicken leftover from Meal the First in salads, and the leftover potato ragout as part of yesterday’s breakfast.  Leftover steak will figure someway into today’s supper.

So, that.

Today is going to be An Interesting Day.  First, Steve is off to Skowhegan for an appointment.  When he returns, we’ll have lunch and get ready to motor on down to the Big City of Portland for the Maine Literary Awards.  Since Skowhegan is an hour thataway and Portland is two-and-a-half hours thisaway, Steve at least will have spent a great deal of the day on the highway.

In writing news, I got to write new words!  Yay!  I’m still unclear as to the current total wordage, for Reasons, but progress is being made.

Hope everyone is having a lovely and productive day.

* * *

“He was sometimes a burden to his children, but it must be said that he was sorely tried.  You would perhaps have found him a little stiff, and not apt to stint himself when an opinion was called for.”

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