Half-time report

Today I learned that, if you push in the MPG rod on the dashboard of the new car, and keep pushing, you can flip through several layers of information, including what the average MPG on A is, what the average MPG on B is; how many miles I have yet to drive until I need to stop for gas, and! what my average MPG is Right This Minute.

I have failed to find the back window defroster, but I suspect it’s been rolled into the front window/side mirror defroster, and took a stab at the paddles but failed to bond.  I do so love, love, love having the intermittent windshield wipers, which Argent has, but the little green Subaru lacked.

I also had a nice chat with one of Waterville’s street people, who had found a couple tubes of brand-new tennis balls in one of the trash cans.  She offered to give me one for my dog, showed me the price tag on the bottom of one of the tubes and sociably crossed the street with me, chatting about dogs and cats. When we reached the other side, she asked, slipping the question easily into the chatterflow, if I had a buck this morning.  I allowed as how I didn’t; she told me to have a nice day, and we parted ways.

Inside the gym, one of my acquaintances admired my moose sweatshirt, which she does every time I encounter her while wearing it, and told me, as she also does every time, that she has several just like it, only hers say Ogonquit instead of York Beach.  This time, however, she added new information — that I could find not only sweatshirts, but t-shirts at the “main store” in town and also at the store on the way to Pine Point, next to Jackie-O’s, and “back underneath,” which I gather means there’s an arcade building next to Jackie-O’s.

Now, I have some errands to do here at the house, an appointment this afternoon, and. . .work this evening.

This Just In:  Steve has announced that he will be taking Quicksliver, out to novel length on the Storyteller Bowl model that we used to publish Fledgling and Saltation.  More news as we have it.



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  1. RE: rear window defroster: Try looking for a smallish button with curvy line vertical. It may be located above and between the dials for fan speed and temp on the main control console.

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