Whenever I meet with a deck of cards, I lay my money down

“Roving Gambler,” a Liaden Universe® story set on Surebleak, is now up at Splinter Universe, for your reading pleasure.  Here’s your link.

Today was supposed to be a sit-on-the-couch-and-push-words-through-the-laptop sort of day, since tomorrow is so crammed with medical appointments and Other Stuff that I’m not going to have time read, much less write.

I must remember not to say these things when the gods might hear.  No sooner had I opened the laptop then I was beset by a Plague of Technology, mostly brought on by the bevy of passwords I changed the other day, some of which did not migrate to the laptop, while some…did.  No, I don’t even care why that was so at this point in the game.  Then there was the tiny fact that ESET was going to expire tomorrow, so I had a little bit of fun dealing with that.  And then the cover art for Carousel Seas arrived from the artist, Eric Williams, which — yay!  And now I can add, “Go to Framemakers” to my still-growing list of Things To Do Tomorrow.  At this rate, by the time I finish Wednesday’s business, it’ll be Thursday.

Or possibly Friday.

So, the plan now is to go back to the couch and work on the chapter regarding Chesselport and What Befell The Apprentice Trader There, and remember not to work too late, because I have to get up at omyghod o’clock tomorrow morning in order to make the first medical appointment.

But!  Before I go, have a picture of some cats, sleeping.

Group Nap Sprite and Trooper Photo by Sharon Lee
Group Nap
Sprite and Trooper
Photo by Sharon Lee

The title of today’s blog post AND the title of the short story are from “Roving Gambler.”  For those who don’t know it, here’s a link to the song.

2 thoughts on “Whenever I meet with a deck of cards, I lay my money down”

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