Well I wrecked the El Camino, and it woulda been DWI

So this morning, with a snap! heard through the house, Jack the Giant Killer, the venerable Windows XP desktop, left this mortal realm.  I’m hoping this is a temporary death and that Jack can be revived with the installation of a new power supply, and that the neutrinos escaping from the explosion of what is now certainly the Former Power Supply didn’t nuke the hard drive.

It would be. . .mildly inconvenient if I lost the hard drive, most of the important stuff is backed up.  And the Book is Safe — I apologize to the writers reading here, I should have said that first.

If Jack is truly lost to us, I’ll be hooking Ox up to the big screen and the Funny Looking Keyboard.  I do NOT have the budget for a new desktop this year.  Gah.

For now, I’m writing on the Mencken Table via Ox, from which I will be sporadically available to the internets.

In the meantime, having done the day’s murder, I have chores to do.

Everybody stay safe.

(The heading comes from Rachel’s Song, by James McMurtry.  Here’s your link.)

One thought on “Well I wrecked the El Camino, and it woulda been DWI”

  1. If your computer is dead-dead, you might look to a University or Community College for a replacement. They frequently have two – three year old computers available via their surplus or salvage departments.

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