In which Rolanni goes to the dentist

I went to the dentist this morning.  This is monumental, because as a rule, I Don’t Do Dentists.  However, I promised Steve that I would go for a checkup and a cleaning, and I made the appointment, for March 17, and told the office that the only way this would work was if there was valium, which the dentist prescribed, so I had it on hand when the call came in yesterday, saying that they had a cancellation and could I come in this morning at 7:30.  Steve being willing to act as driver, I agreed.

Mostly it went OK, though I made a tactical error in not fetching along a teddy bear or other stuffie, and so had to borrow the House Wolf.  You’ve gotta give points to a dentist’s office that has a stuffed wolf on-call.

The good news is, no cavities.  The bad news is a low-grade infection, which I sorta knew, but was ignoring, also, there are a couple teeth that need to be capped, because I’ve dern near ground them down to nothing.  So — another appointment in four months to take care of business and I will be taking a bear along.

This is the point where you wonder why the heck I’m telling you this stuff, and this is why. . .

Over the course of my life I’ve lost at least six friends and colleagues to complications of dental issues; cases of that low-grade infection that was just ignored, or higher-grade problems that needed Serious Money to fix, when there wasn’t even Non-Serious Money in the checkbook, so it was just let go, for a while, and a while longer — until it had gone too far.

Dentists are expensive, dentists are scary, but seriously people, take care of your teeth.  If you Don’t Do Dentists, figure out what you need to do to make the experience liveable.  Valium, music and earphones, stuffed animal, a friend to sit next to the chair and hold your hand — whatever it takes, right?

Promise me.



9 thoughts on “In which Rolanni goes to the dentist”

  1. I came over to make sure you took a bear!!!

    So glad they had a wolf on call, and that this is all manageable.

    Taking care of your teeth adds seven good years to your life, people–it has direct consequences for your heart. Negotiate a payment plan, go to a dental school, but do it!

  2. I only went through one spell of avoiding the dentist. My childhood dentist was an old-fashioned one who believed that before going off to college children should be sent to the dental surgeon and have all their wisdom teeth cut out before they erupted. I avoided him until I was out of college and able to pick my own dentist. I’ve been a twice-a-year customer ever since.

    Actually I prefer the dentist to the GP. At least the dentist limits his violence to your mouth. One never knows what tender bits a GP might decide need inspection, especially as you get older. Plus the dentist doesn’t require you to wear a paper nightgown during the indignities.

  3. I don’t believe Ur Sid has been to teh dentist. As an intrepid explorer, I’m sure he could be convinved to travel with you.

  4. It sounds like you have an amazing dentist! Stuffies to loan? Anxiety treatment? Bravo! And good for you!

    Dental health is so important. I had huge issues when I was younger but have mostly overcome them for routine dental work. Whatever it takes. (But good, understanding hygienist and dentist help.)

  5. I am curious to know which dentist has an On-Call Wolf. Good on them, anyway! Glad to know that you are takin care of bidnez on the oral front. I have some dental horror stories of my own, but I love my dentist now.

  6. We happened to find a dental group that, between volume and good patient care, has got our business. Our dental insurance is more of a ‘negotiate the rate downward, then we pay” depending on the need. Basic cleaning is free, so are x-rays. I have one tooth that I’m going to have to get root canaled and capped fairly soon, but it won’t break the bank.

    AND. They are kind, humane and careful to make sure you are comfortable. This is the first dental office that I did not feel the massive anxiety I used to, after the first visit.

    My first dentist, who saw all the family, believed kids didn’t need any pain relief on their baby teeth. Asshole.

  7. As someone who is currently battling a not-so-low-level infection (abscess above a molar), I feel your pain. But I get the joyful experience of a root canal on Saturday to make it all better. Though I bet the endodontist doesn’t have a wold on call.

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