Do you wanna build a snowman?

. . .if so, you’re outta luck here in Central Maine, where it’s raining like a sonofagun and we have flood warnings for all extant bodies of water, from the Atlantic Ocean to the marsh down the road.  The driveway here at the Confusion Factory is a slew (that is, for the city and/or Southern folk among you, “slough”), and I fear me I’m not going to town tomorrow, never mind today.

Which means that we chose our Almost Electron Free Day well.  Yesterday, it was sunny and warm, and the ice had finally melted off the sidewalks in downtown Waterville so that we were able to take a walk and do some window-shopping, after lunch at Selah Tea, which we enjoyed after taking in the matinee showing of “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” at Railroad Square Cinema.  We had a great time with “Hotel.”  If you like quirky, fond, and slightly chaotic movies, this is one you don’t want to miss.

After the matinee, lunch, and window-shopping, we did a few errands — picking up Mozart’s meds at the vet’s and taking on groceries — then came home and read Peacemaker aloud to each other (not all of it; just the penultimate chapter in the book, which is the last chapter of the story; there’s an appendix left, which we’ll finish up tonight).

All in all, it was a very pleasant Almost Electron Free Day.

Today, there’s cat grooming and laundry on the mundane to-do list, though I’m so late getting the laundry started, I may put it off ’til tomorrow, since I’ll be stuck in the house (Boy, is it muddy out there.  Reminds me of the first year we were in this house, when Mud* was so bad that we (as legend has it) lost a UPS truck in the driveway.  (In point of Actual Fact, the truck had only sunk in up to the hubcaps in the time it took the driver to walk up to the house, come halfway up the steps, hand me a package and go back to the truck; and the driver was, by a panicked application of torque-plus-gearing, able to break loose.  Yeah, leaving two parallel two foot deep gulleys in the driveway.  That was fun.)).

In other news, Princess Jasmine Sprite has clearly not been keeping up with her physics lessons, esp. viz. Newton’s Third Law.  I’ve asked Trooper to take her in paw for some tutoring.

So! How’s your weekend?
*In Maine, the seasons are thus:  WINTER, Mud, Dust, Spring, Summer, Leaf, Rain (good year) OR Rain, Leaf (bad year), WINTER


7 thoughts on “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

  1. The two gulleys were filled in, sort of, but lasted for about 10 years or so until the Department of Environmental Protection gave us a new driveway as part of another project.

  2. Here in MD it is rain, rain, rain go away come again another day (or year) I just want 70 and sunny!!!! Waiting for the rain to let up so I can go shopping for Can-Too an organization I belong to that buys new clothes and household goods for 20 organizations in Baltimore, K-Mary is having a sale I hear!!!!

  3. Rainy and 35F down here in Pittsburgh, but! We have eaglets! The second of our bald eagles’ three eggs hatched early this morning, brightening an otherwise gloomy weekend. Since this is the first nesting pair of bald eagles in Pittsburgh in 200 (yes, two hundred) years, it’s a big deal.

    However, it does look like March, which usually comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, will go out like a lion this year. More’s the pity. I’m so done with winter.

  4. Mary Carol, would you take 64 degrees with a promise of 72 by this afternoon? It is, as it almost always is, sunny in Albuquerque. Just remember you don’t have to mow the lawn because there IS NO LAWN. Not without ruinous applications of irrigation. Our house had one (sort of) when we moved in, but we very quickly found out what an expensive toy it was. Nowadays, city ordinance forbids them.

  5. Very wet, rained yesterday, raining today, will rain tomorrow (never thought I’d conjugate that verb in reality). Flood warnings out. I’m glad I live on the fourth floor in a building halfway down a hill.

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