I may be old and I may be bent, but I had the money till it all got spent

So!  We here at the Cat Farm did not get whacked with eleventymillion inches of snow, thanking all appropriate deities.  Conditions are currently sunny, but windy, taking the 24F/-4C down to 12F/-11C.  I have dealt with the snow on the deck and stairs, and cleared off the cars, noting that the amount of precipitation is so trivial that the plow guy has not yet made his first pass, to clear the (teensy, tiny) berm.

Now, I’ve had my first cup of coffee and a piece of 12-grain bread with butter, and I’m considering going to the movies.

Sadly, Frozen — y’all talked me into it! — isn’t showing at the Waterville Cinema, having been replaced by Winter’s Tale, about which I’m. . .ambivalent.  But! Frozen is showing at the Augusta Cinema, 30 miles thataway.

MEDot claims the roads are intermittently snow-covered, what a surprise.  If I go down 202, instead of risking my life to those who believe that one must travel at 85 mph on I95 no matter the conditions, the trip should be relatively pleasant.  Leave early, stop at B&N (conveniently located right next door) to sign Carousel Sun, if any, catch the early show and be back before full dark.

*checks wallet*

Well.  Hello, Mr. Jackson.

Hmmmm. . .

2 thoughts on “I may be old and I may be bent, but I had the money till it all got spent”

  1. I did see Frozen and I liked it very much. Extremely tight storytelling; a compelling and different Handsome Prince; and a good hard twist on a Disney perennial. Also, Sven.

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