Stories included in Hvad Fluffy Vidste

This in answer to numerous requests for the titles of the stories reprinted in the Danish cat stories anthology:

Skitty, Mercedes Lackey
Cats in Victory, David Barr Kirtly
A Matter of Ceremony, Sharon Lee
The Cat, Gene Wolfe
Out of Place, Pamela Sargent
The Alien Mind, Philip K. Dick
Mother of Champions, Sean McMullen
All Cats are Gray, Andre Norton
Space-time for Springers, Fritz Leiber
Tobermory, Saki
Jade Blue, Edward Bryant
Ordeal in Space, Robert A. Heinlein
What Fluffy Knew, Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Virtually, a Cat, Jody Lynn Nye
Dysfunctional Family Cat, Paul Melko
The Beancounter’s Cat, Damien Broderick

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