Mid-afternoon check-in

. . .Now how often do you get double-hyphenations in a title?

I am made of awesome.

In other news, Trooper and I retired to the bedroom to listen to music and doze for about three hours, rising to partake of the dinner that Steve made for us — that’s him and me; not Trooper and me.  I’m not really sure how Trooper feels about mashed potatoes.

At the moment, well-fed and freshly showered, I’m feeling fine.  This is what tripped me up yesterday.  So! In celebration of feeling fine, I’m moving my base of operations from the bed to the couch, where I believe I will read.  And drink water/ice tea, and in general emulate one of those layabout writers y’all see in movies.

The above course of action is in service of the notion that, tomorrow, I’ll actually be in shape to get some damned work done.

Also!  The Plan is Afoot to build a Circus College in Portland, at Thompson Point.  The Point will be mixed-use:  college, condos, offices, and I wanna live next to the Circus College!  Links courtesy of Steve:  Portland Officials to See New Thompson Point Master Plan  and Thompson Point Development Project Moving Forward.

And, Sprite’s burgeoning fan club will be pleased to know that she has achieved yet another honorific:  Jasmine Underchair.

I believe that gives us Jasmine Sprite, Princess of the Night, Warrior Princess of East Winslow, Nemesis of the Springs, Scourge of Lizards, Professor of Centrifugal Studies, Brat, and Jasmine Underchair.

Somebody make a note.

I, to the couch.



3 thoughts on “Mid-afternoon check-in”

  1. A Circus College? Where they teach trapeze and hoops and climbing ropes and such? My cousin Chris taught at one of those in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia). Watching those classes is awesome….

  2. You and Steve should be on the faculty. You are past masters at juggling the pieces of your lives. Best regards from Pat and Aska Kettlingur (aka Edna Scissorpaws, Kitt Bull, Nabeshima no kyuketsuki neko (The Vampire Cat of Nabeshima), The Kitty of Shalott, Meer Kitty, Hoover, Madge the Cadge, Olivia Twist, Sweet Petunia, Fuzzy Butt, Honey Bunny, Sweetie Pie/Pooh/Pee, Pickles, and Kitty NO!)

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