Ice and the ACA

We are having Weather.  Rain, freezing rain, ice pellets.  Our cars are coated, as is the driveway and the road.  When the town plow went by, a couple hours ago, it sounded like it was plowing glass.

So, staying in is the plan, here at the Cat Farm.  Tomorrow’s plan had involved a drive in a southwardly direction, but that may have to be put on hold, dernit.  Never mind the ice (the weatherbeans had been calling for 45F/7C today, and it hasn’t gotten much above 35F/2C — and that’s an important 10-or-5 degrees) — but there are flood warnings all over the state.


In slightly more cheering news — frequent readers of this blog will recall that, through sheer stubborness and not a little good luck, Steve and I enrolled in the Federal Government’s Health Marketplace (Maine being one of those states with a Republican governor, who steadfastly refuses to allow a state exchange, because Socialism).  We’re paying $200-ish less each month in premiums for what looked like, on paper, to be superior coverage.

Today, I had my first test-drive of the new coverage.  Two drugs that I take daily had to be renewed, so I called the drugstore and did the deed.  Since I had new insurance, the pharmacy aide had to look up some things and make a couple phone calls, but at the end of all that is this. . .

The total for filling my two prescriptions at my local drugstore, for a 90 day supply of each, which is what I always get, and which, under the $700-ish/month Anthem plan used to cost me a total of $136.92, today cost me $60.50.

So far, I’m a satisfied customer.

4 thoughts on “Ice and the ACA”

  1. This makes me happy 🙂 The prescription part, not the plow sounding as if it was plowing glass. . . although I *love* that description!

  2. Glad to hear the test drive went well. Did Maine do the medicaid expansion, so that you’d be eligible for subsidies?

    Here in Michigan our Republican Governor didn’t set up an exchange, but did do the medicaid expansion. Fortunately I got a new job (with good insurance) that started on Jan. 2nd, so I didn’t have to test out an exchange plan (which I would have had to do if still unemployed).

  3. Y’know, I didn’t think that Maine had done anything except kick its feet and scream about how much All This was going to cost. But, going through the Federal Marketplace I was offered tax credits. We didn’t use them all, because Freelancer’s Income, Who Knows What’ll Happen? I do note that the Anthem rep, when I was talking with him, seemed to think I was going to be paying Anthem $970/month for a Bronze Plan, rather than $420/month for a Silver.

    Congratulations on the new job!

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