Five Things Make a Post

1.  Many thanks to everyone who donated to Liaden Universe® story, “The Rifle’s First Wife,” and to Splinter Universe.  Here’s the link, for those who haven’t read the story, yet.  And here’s the link to a discussion of our plans for the site.  Both pieces may be read for free; donations are appreciated, not mandatory.

2.  Speaking of reading for free, “The Gift of Music,” set in Archers Beach, Maine, is available at  Go here and scroll down.  Scrolling down is key.

3.  In answer to the several. . .concerned emails asking whether or not we’re working on the next Liaden book — yes.  Yes, we are.

4.  The electronic edition of Carousel Sun, the sequel to Carousel Tides, is now available directly from Baen and from your favorite ebook vendor.  The trade paperback won’t be released by Amazon or BN until February 4, but!  Uncle Hugo’s has signed copies available right now.  Here’s your link.

5.  It’s a bright and sunshine-y 1F/-17C outside at the moment, and I need to go into town.  Everybody stay warm.

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