Five Things Make a Post

1.  In light of Mozart’s continued ill health, I will not be attending Boskone.  Steve is still planning to attend.  If Mozart takes a amazing turn for the better, I’ll come down with him and cut a swath through the dealer’s room, but at this point, that’s not the way the smart money bets.  Y’all have a good time for me.

2.  “The Gift of Music,” by Sharon Lee is available to be read, obligation-free, at  “Gift” takes place in Archers Beach, Maine.

3.  The Compleat List of Baen Hugo Eligible Works published by Baen authors is here.

4.  All pre-ordered signed and/or personalized copies of Carousel Sun have been mailed.

5.  Have I mentioned how very, very fond I am of this song?

2 thoughts on “Five Things Make a Post”

  1. Damn, I was hoping Mozart was improving. 🙁

    Re: #5 – I went to see the out-of-town tryout of Hairspray years ago and you could clearly see the delighted surprise on the cast’s faces when we got the in-jokes. Definitely a hometown audience.

  2. So sorry to hear he’s continuing poorly. Here’ shopping he can turn that around, and soon.

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