Everybody talks about the weather

It’s 43F/6C here at the Cat Farm this morning.  Also?  It’s raining.  This is a mixed blessing.

On the one paw, it looks like most the trees I can see from my office window have lost their sheathing of ice.

On the other paw, much of the snow cover has been washed away, leaving a Whole Lotta Ugly on display, as layers of mud and cinders and dead vegetation are revealed.  Also, I can now see exactly how many birch trees we lost to the ice.


Oh, and our driveway?  A sheet of ice.  And me without skates.

And?  Tonight, the temperature is supposed to fall to 12F/-11C.  And continue to rain.  Tomorrow’s high is projected to be that same 12F/-11C.

Frequent readers of this venue will recall my feelings on shoveling snow.  Still, I find that I’m agin warm rain in January.

Oh, well, at least it’s warm enough that I can open the window in my office.  Trooper and Sprite are sitting on the top of the bookshelf, with their noses pressed to the screen.

In other news, I’ve been filling out the tax paperwork required by our accountant, a dab at a time, a dab being about all I can take at any time, and writing, and feeding Mozart gooshy food, and, y’know, pursuing the glamorous lifestyle of an internationally known writer of science fiction and fantasy.

Perhaps today, I’ll vacuum.

Hope everybody has a cheerful and fulfilling Monday.

4 thoughts on “Everybody talks about the weather”

  1. Famous authors: they’re just like us!

    Hope Mozart continues improving. Wishing Sprite and Trooper many birds and rodents.

  2. You’re still getting rain despite negative temps? Funky!
    I was glad to see our rain yesterday – the fog not so much.
    This Arctic air is supposed to be with us only about 24 hrs,
    then back above freezing. I don’t want to think about how confused this will make the trees and the critters and birds.

    Glad to hear Mozart is eating.
    Do the youngsters vocalize while watching the outdoors?

  3. No, no. Today, we have…50! says Weather Underground. And rain. And fog, which is the snow sublimating. And wind. Rather a lot of wind, actually.

    Tomorrow, we go back into the ice box — 12 above — though it looks like we’re going to be able to avoid the freezer. I’m seeing a slight warming trend — up into the mid-30s by the end of the week.

    Trooper and Sprite talk to each other constantly. Sprite also spontaneously discourses on various topics of interest to the household. Or so I imagine. Chattering very much depends on if there’s a bird or a squirrel in their sights.

  4. Glad the “kids” are enjoying the open window and all it offers! Tonight here it is to drop to 1 degree and a high of 12 tomorrow. BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Stay warm

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