ACA Update

ACA = Affordable Care Act  aka Obamacare

Frequent readers of this blog will recall that, through the Flawed Magic that is the Federal Government’s Healthcare Marketplace, Steve and I purchased health insurance through Maine Community Health Options (“the new kid”), switching out from Anthem (“the evil empire”).

Our previous policy with Anthem was scheduled to rise to $700 a month this month, for a “plan” that covered nothing, and where the co-pay wouldn’t even kick in until we had bankrupted ourselves paying medical bills.  This is the “Anthem’s Stockholders Earn Big, You Lose” Plan.

The MCHO plan that we chose is a Silver Plan, which means, among other things, that none of our generic drugs can cost us more than $15.  This is the, “You Don’t Have to Be Afraid to go to the Doctor” Plan.

Earlier in the month, I had two of my three daily prescriptions refilled, and was pleasantly surprised to find that I’d saved $76.  Today, Steve refilled two of his three prescriptions and saved $30.

So far, this seems to be working out to our advantage.

Earlier this month, I submitted the required letter, with evidence, explaining the Freelance Lifestyle to the ACA review board, and why I thought we’d earn less this year than last.  We haven’t yet received their determination.  Of course, I’ll be watching our income Very Closely, because you can go back to the Marketplace and adjust your income, if you guessed wrong, which I almost certainly did, and accept less tax credits/take a higher premium payment.  Or, if things really go to hell, accept more tax credits/take a lower premium payment.


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