Life with cats: Nothing is sacred category

Trooper has adopted my printer for Purposes of His Own.

A motion to take a bath is always in order. Photo by Sharon Lee
A motion to take a bath is always in order.
Photo by Sharon Lee

Lots of errands and stuff today.  Everybody stay warm or cool, according to preference.


5 thoughts on “Life with cats: Nothing is sacred category”

  1. One of our cats has likewise claimed the printer as his own personal seat. Sitting there serves two purposes. 1) He has a good vantage point of the breakfast table and kitchen counters (and any plates/cooking dishes left unattended) while being safe from the feet of children. 2) Occasionally the printer moves and makes noise. It is his self-appointed duty to prevent the printer from harming his people by shooting out pieces of paper, so he stays close by and prevents the paper from escaping, using force if necessary. He takes enormous pride in every paperjam that he causes.

  2. LOL! Love your comment Kristi. One of my cats reacts much the same way in protecting his person from the “printer monster”. I have had to ban my cats from laying on the printer, despite the very good vantage point, because too much hair kept clogging up the paper feeder.

  3. both my cats would sit on my ink jet printer (one at a time) and make sure the mouse inside couldn’t escape. Unfortunately cat hair sticking to the print head and dragging across the page made for illegible printing. I never was able to dissemble the 2 printers far enough to clear all the hair out.

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