Today, I read galleys

. . .and probably tomorrow, too.  News of a due date is rumored for today, but the cover letter references an expedited schedule due to the Thanksgiving holidays, so I Expect the Worst.  For those who keep track of these matters, we are referencing the galleys for Carousel Sun.

What this has to do with y’all is. . .nothing much, really; it’s mostly between me, the pages, the red pens, and the sticky flags.  However, I will be scarce on the web; email and blog queries have very little chance of being answered for the next while.  Please adjust your calendars accordingly.

In other news, Jasmine Sprite, Mistress of the Night, has decided that she is the Boss of Trooper.  We do not agree; nor does Trooper, though he’s rather too polite — IMHO, a sharp whack upside the head would do her some good.  In that vein, it appears that Young Sprite has already gained a Healthy Respect(tm) for Aunt Scrabble, Mistress of the Paw of Steel.

We will at some point post pictures of Sprite, who is quite stunning, but her current schedule has her hiding in the crypt basement during daylight hours, only emerging at midnight, to demand subservience, cookies and snuggles.

Everybody have a good Monday.

I’m gone.

3 thoughts on “Today, I read galleys”

  1. just to keep the roster straight… there are four Cat Bosses now?
    and Sprite
    ……do I have that right?
    How on Earth do you mere humans hope to keep up?
    AND still write for ME ……?

    I am recruiting myself toward patience, but it is with great difficulty.

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