Five things make a post

1.  “Out of True” may now be accessed from Baen’s front page.  Here’s the link.  Remember, you need to scroll down a bit before the story starts.

2.  Rumor is that t The ebook edition of Trade Secret will be is available today, October 16. Here’s the link.

3.  Go look at this comic from Bill WattersonEDITED TO ADD: the text of which was taken from a 1990 speech given by Bill Watterson; comic drawn by Gavin Aung Than.  Yes, now.  The rest of the list will wait until you get back.   

4.  My colleague Morgan Keyes has a book coming out today, in hardcover and as an ebook — Darkbeast Rebellion sequel to Darkbeast. Also, for those of you who collect Reasons Why Writers Drink, there’s a discussion of the distribution problems surrounding the first book at the author’s blog.  Here’s that link.

5.  I have in my possession the DVD of a talk I did at the Fairfield Historical Society in May 2010.  I also have in my hand permission from the pertinent cable TV company to use “some” of that footage for PR purposes.  Who has Mad Video Editing Skillz and the time to whip a portion of this thing into shape for Youtube?


One thought on “Five things make a post”

  1. Thanks for the link to the short story posted at Bean books. Some of your chapbooks are excellent. Also, I really love your Ghost Ship Splinter, Daav’s Up Early. Delightful!

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