Bustling Monday

So, today we need to be in town early-ish in order to speak with the Spirit Guide from the Health Marketplace.  That will be Interesting.  For values of Interesting including low comedy when we try to get the concept of “freelance writers” across.  Perhaps I’ll treat Steve to a pumpkin latte, after.

After, we each have errands in diverse parts of town, and then Before Tour Chores here at home.  I’ll commit to answering such questions as have short answers attached to them, then we’ll put paid to this Open Q&A Session.  Let me know what you thought, and if we should do it again sometime.

* * *

In other news, there is a wealth of free reading from Lee and Miller, and Miller available right! now!

1.  “Out of True” is available on the Baen website

2.  Steve has added two pieces to Splinter Universe:  the Author’s Introduction to Quicksliver  and the first three chapters of Quicksliver

* * *

Progress on One of Five (restart)

7,559/100,000 OR 7.56%

Her father had told her that she would be running double-time, in effect taking two lines of training simultaneously: cabin-girl and novice trader.

She had chosen to, well. . .not discount his words, no. She had merely chosen to see them as a challenge.

One thought on “Bustling Monday”

  1. I enjoyed the open Q&A, though I didn’t participate.

    Your morning sounds definitely bustling. I should get bustling on my own (City Hall to turn in a form for city to grab 66×30 feet out our land for a “contact point” and pipeline for new city water source we desperately need, grocery store for garlic and sage and a lemon, bank to see about input/outflow in a family member’s account, home to keep working on music to be sung at All Saints requiem service, finish (!!) a story, make chicken stock, groom horse, do handwashing and laundry, etc.)

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