And I think somebody somewhere must be tolling a bell

We have now reached the Point in the Proceedings where I’m avoiding packing.  I’ve gotten all my devices together, and their various cords, and have put the files I’ll need onto Number Ten Ox, but as for packing clothes — nuh-uh.  Don’t wanna.  As a matter of fact, I’m for scrubbing the whole trip, if it means packing clothes. Who thought this was a good idea, anyway?

Oh, wait.

I did.

Well.  I’m sure it’ll be fine.  Even fun.  Once I get past the packing stage.

Did I mention that I hate packing?



While I’m in avoidance mode, I’ll just mention that two of my colleagues have books out today.

Allegiance, by Beth Bernobich, is new from Tor.  Read all about it here.


Janni Lee Simner is re-releasing Tierney West, Professional Adventurer (previously published as The Secret of the Three Treasurers), with a whole new look.  Check it out here.


Cats are good for you.  No, really.

*wonders if she can sneak Trooper into her luggage*.  That would solve the whole packing clothes thing, anyway.

OK, I can do this.  I just need a plan.  Jeans.  Jeans and turtlenecks — that’s a plan, right?


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