The life of the mind

Let’s see. . .

Last night, we finished signing the last of the tip-in sheets for Trade Secret; the box containing All Those signed sheets of paper was picked up by Eddie the FedEx guy not 15 minutes ago and is now on its way to the printer in Pennsylvania.

Yesterday, in-between Other Stuff, I scoped out how to adjust the new scanner so I could OCR one of the excavated scenes.  It’s now over on Splinter Universe, with an author’s introduction.  For those interested, here’s the link to the introduction     And!  here’s the link to the first outline for Scout’s Progress.

If there’s any interest in seeing other old stuff like this, let me know.

So, that.

Today, Steve is in town, getting a flat tire fixed and doing errands.  I?  Am doing some vacuuming and dusting, and slaying a dish monster, which I feel is rather unfair, since I slew a dish monster yesterday.

Oh!  “Gift of Music,” by Sharon Lee will be appearing on the Baen front page in January, 2014, in support of Carousel Sun, to be published in February.

. . .I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print.

How was your weekend?


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