Memento Mori

It’s been a rough few days here at the interface between here and gone…

For those who have not heard the news elsewhere, Ann Crispin, who has been engaged in a long battle with cancer, is declining.  She says good-bye, here. There are links in this article to places where folks can leave messages for Ann.

I’ve known Ann for a buncha years; in addition to her writing, she worked tirelessly for SFWA, and, as part of Author Beware, to protect new and beginning authors from the many pitfalls set to snare them.

Edited to add:  Ann died today, September 6, 2013. 

On yet another home front, we here in Waterville have lost Bill Taylor to cancer.  In the years I knew him, Bill was the owner of the Framemakers in downtown Waterville.  He was a sweet man who was interested in just about everything, and I miss him already.  Bill’s obituary is here.

And — last one for now, I promise — we lost Fred Pohl early in the week.  He was 93, and had been during his 60-year career in science fiction, one of our most influential editors and writers.  Fred’s obituary is here.

. . .

Remember to hug the people you love, hey?  It’s a good day for it.

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