In which the excitement falters for a moment

Things have been happening.  I shall sum up.

Celebrations first!  I am slightly behind in congratulating my colleague Tim Akers on the tenth anniversary of his first professional sale.  In celebration, he’s giving away stories!  And critiques!  And — but go on over and congratulate him yourself.

* * *

In the way of celebrations — I am pleased to announce that Surfside and Moon’s Honor are now available at Smashwords. Technical Details ought to be available by the end of next week.

Regarding the above, please note!

The only flavor of file available from Smashwords, for Surfside, Moon’s Honor, and (coming soon) Technical Details is EPUB. This is because  converting into All! The! Formats! requires a specially-tuned .doc file that I am incapable of producing. (As a further note, I am also incapable of producing the EPUB files; those conversions have happened through the goodwill and expertise of Roseanne Girton, who, in addition to being proficient in these matters, is a saint.)

I do apologize to those folks who want to read their books in their special format, but that’s just not possible with these books, from where I’m sitting.  All of our eChapbooks are DRM-free and can be read on a variety of ereading apps (and your Nook).  Thank you for understanding.

* * *

Today’s mail brought several pleasant surprises, including a new bag that is Significantly Smaller than the red backpack, and which will hopefully curb my tendency to carry All The Things, All The Time.

Also in today’s mail was the last check from Audible Author Services.  This was a nice little program where authors were paid one thin dollar for everyone of their audiobooks purchased from Audible, via quarterly checks.  We’ve sold something over 7,000 audiobooks in the last year, which is nice to know for reasons other than those having to do with dollar bills, though of course dollar bills are very nice of themselves.

I’m going to miss this program.

* * *

On the outgoing side of the page, signed bookplates are speeding on the Wings of Eddie to Forbidden Planet in London.  Which reminds me to say that we received bookplates to sign, yesterday.

* * *

That gets us more or less caught up, I think. I did spend a good chunk of the week changing out my head, which isn’t really as much fun as you’d think.  The time involved made me even happier that I didn’t say, “Oh, sure, we’ll just write a Liaden novel in-between the two Carousel books”  — because omighod, whiplash.

On the other hand, if I hadn’t written two Carousel books back-to-back (and then two short stories based in the same universe), my head might not have gotten Quite. So. Stuck.  I don’t know how my colleagues who have several series going simultaneously do it, frankly.

All of which reminds me to say that…

I started writing a novel.

So!  How was your week?

* * *

Progress on One of Five

2,398/100,000 OR 2.4% complete

“Is there some trouble?” Luken asked her, and almost she sighed again. Such a sweet man, he couldn’t be any more attentive to her if she was paying him. The fact that she wasn’t paying him had the power to surprise her, as did the notion she held of him, as a friend.

But, there, she’d left the man without his answer, and she’d already seen what he was capable of, when he decided that something needed fixing.

So, she smiled at him, and shook her head.

“No trouble. More like I haven’t had enough breakfast to weigh me down to ground, yet.” She broke a roll onto her plate, and reached for the jam pot.

“What were you dreaming, then?” he asked, spoon arrested over his cereal bowl, his eyes on her face.


5 thoughts on “In which the excitement falters for a moment”

  1. Hooked! I’m looking forward to more.

    I like Luken and am glad he’ll be around at least a bit.

  2. Speaking of Luken:
    “Here it is: I’ll engage to marry Syntebra. Another child is no hardship on me—the eldest is away at school more often than she’s home now-days, and Pat Rin’s no trouble at all”

    This excerpt from Local Custom seems to be the one and only mention of Luken’s heir, possible ‘younger’ children and a potential child from Syntebra for his line. That branch seems to have been severed by the time Plan B went into effect. Unless Luken’s heir’s own heir is an adult by the time of Plan B; what about Syntebra’s child who would have been born between Shan and Val con? Does she not yet have an heir (like Val Con, but unlike Shan)?

  3. I think I SAID that I had started writing a novel? Yes! I DID say that.

    Now, here’s the thing — and I realize that this position is very, very hard on folks who only want to know what happens!* — to me, the story is the journey, not the answers. We will, eventually, arrive at the answers, but during the course of the journey, not as crisp answers to Questions A, B, and C.

    So…patience, Grasshopper.

    *The same sort of folk, it seems to me, though I may be doing an injustice here, who write reviews of, say, Mouse and Dragon, which state “nothing new here; we *already knew what was going to happen*,” as if One Single Event was the only thing that happened — or that mattered — in that particular story. It seems to me that these folks would be Perfectly Happy with a list of Events, comprising no more than a page, so they would know “what happens.”

  4. Thank you, and also many thanks to Roseanne Girton, for the new stories on Smashwords. I immediately went and bought them.
    I enjoyed this snippet, and I’ll patiently wait for more Luken, as well as more about the other Liaden people we’ve come to care about.

    But I can understand Patrick’s expectation that you might be able to answer his questions, as we are all stuck in our chronological experience of our own world. As Luken’s heir and Syntebra’s possible child (for Luken or her clan?) dated from before the ‘present’ timeline of Dragon Ship, it’s easy to forget that what didn’t get into the earlier books and stories is still fluid, and may be discovered by you as well as by us in the upcoming books.
    I’m very glad you got that contract, so we have those five books-to-come to look forward to. I hope you’ll have as much pleasure from writing them, as we’ll have from reading them once they’re published.

  5. Point taken. Though my intent was not to demand Answers so much as to point out a dangling thread that had caught my eye. Consider how important you’ve made the need to provide an heir to the clan to Liaden society, and here you have a Korval Cousin whose line – excepting himself- seems to be strangely absent from the life of the Clan.

    ..I will be patient.

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