Five things make a post

…the Buy All the Things! edition

1.  Have you remembered to purchase:
Moon’s Honor   |Kindle| |Nook|
Technical Details  |Kindle| |Nook|
Surfside |Kindle| |Nook|

2.  Have you cruised the Pinbeam Books eCatalog to make sure you have all available Lee and Miller, and Lee, and Miller eChapbooks?

3.  Have you preordered your signed edition of Liaden Universe® novel Trade Secret, the sequel to Balance of Trade from Uncle Hugo?

4.  Have you remembered to buy someone you love a present, just because?  Tying this into the theme — Books make wonderful presents!

5.  “The Wolf’s Bride” wants to be a novel.  Argh.

4 thoughts on “Five things make a post”

  1. And 3.1, or maybe 4.1, [i]Dragon Ship[/i] is now available in beautiful paperback edition, remember!

  2. wants to be a novel…

    Ha! Like Robin Mckinley’s _Pegasus_. The concept was supposed to be a short story, then a novel, then a duology. It is (currently) said to be a trilogy. We are waiting. ***patiently!***

    I tried to put this comment on LJ. I suppose because of my inadvertent spam the other day, it snippily informed me that I was not allowed to comment on that user’s journal. This is no emergency, but if you have a chance to sort it out one of these days, I’d be grateful.

  3. Just finished “The Tomorrow Log”, and it cries for a sequel, as do I.
    And then there’s Moon’s Honor. Talk about job security!

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