Sea waves are green and wet

So!  Carousel Seas having gone out to beta readers, and High Summer being upon us, I went down to the sea again, to be sure I’d gotten my world-building right.

AsyouknowBob, Carousel Tides takes place before the Season begins.  Carousel Sun takes place during the Early Season, and early in the Season itself — which is close enough, ambiance-wise, to September, so long as you remember it backwards.

Carousel Seas, however, takes place in July and August — the Highest of High Season; and it’s been a Very Long Time since I’ve been at the ocean in High Season.

Boy, was it noisy.

I took a bunch of pictures, some of which are posted here.

We got home last night, and didn’t do much more than unpack, and reassure the cats that, indeed, we had returned (well, that and eat pizza).  Today, I’ve been taking care of the mail that piled up while we were gone.  Unsurprisingly, that included some bills, but — more surprisingly, because one never exactly know when these things will hit — the D&A money for Trade Secret was also waiting for us, as well as the authors’ copies for the mass market edition of Dragon Ship, and! the contract for the Audible edition of The Tomorrow Log.

And!  As if all of that wasn’t enough excitement, one of the beta readers has already returned their impressions of Carousel Seas.

All of which leads me to believe that we ought to stop away from home more often.

The rest of my Sunday will be in the service of crafting an InfoDump, and reading the contract.

Tomorrow, I’ll sit down and read Carousel Seas my own self, which I haven’t done yet.  I’m looking forward to finding out what the story’s about.

What’ve y’all been doing while I was gone?


Sea waves are green and wet,
But up from where they die,
Rise others vaster yet,
And those are brown and dry.
— Robert Frost, Sand Dunes

3 thoughts on “Sea waves are green and wet”

  1. I’ve been pruning and weeding because the deep grass of the back half is still too damp to mow.

  2. I was returning from a conference in Athens, GA, thus renewing my hatred of the Atlanta airport. As usual, flight delays had turned it into a seething mass of crabby humanity — but I was only there an extra hour this time, so am grateful. Now I am pretending to write something cogent on my thesis, but am really just asleep sitting up.

  3. Stocking up on groceries now that some funds are in. Tired of living on beans, pasta, & rice.
    Laundry has also taken place.

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